Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Not Only Did I Think Out Side Of The Box...I Stepped Out Side Of The Box!

I continually get criticism and accusations from the far left saying that I am an Obamabot, believe in Unicorns, probably still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, am a follower, and can't think for myself because I refuse to "bash" our President.  The truth is I think that "big corporations" invented Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  I think the religious right fell hook line and sinker for their pagan holidays and gladly feed the corporations while they judge those who step back and watch.  I believe there is a huge difference in not agreeing with our President about all the decisions he has made and "bashing" our President. Most of this criticism comes from my FB and opinions I share there as well as my FB profile. (To make it clear most of the time these are people who are not my daily FB friends)  Some write in friendship and share their opinion but most show their lack of tolerance for others opinions by giving me their thoughts on "my ignorance" for not holding the President "accountable".  They don't seem to understand my capabilities of holding the President accountable while supporting him and helping him make the changes we need.  The far left seems to have a mentality of "Bash and Dash"  (It's a salty mixture of Tacky, Childish,Unattractive and Unproductive!)

Let me set people straight once and for all!  You who accuse me are those who have no idea what free thinking is.  You follow whatever "far left media" is blowing up your a** at the time and that is my opinion.  I not only think for myself but I also walk what I talk!  I was raised republican and campaigned for republicans in the past.  With this I also questioned them at every step.  When I begin to question the right wing media like Fox, etc. they immediately blocked me from emails as well as any blogs or forums they had going.  When President Obama ran in 2008 I began to question the lies of Fox and other mainstream media and started researching Barack Obama for myself.  I began to take a good look at what the republican party had done to our Country and I also took a good look at the Tea Party and who was behind this group.  Needless to say I was not thrilled with "The Koch Brothers" and their agenda.  I was not thrilled with the supreme court and their decisions and I was not thrilled with all of the cheating and lying the republican party had done throughout the years.  I also realized that I no longer had anything in common with the republican party.  Grant it, I'm not a warrior for abortion but then who really is?  No one (not even democrats) wants to see a life ended but they do want "freedom of choice" without hypocrisy.   I realized that with every move the republican party made they were taking away our freedoms, all along screaming "freedom"!  I now call them the Tea Party Republicans because they are no longer "Republicans".  They have become everything that I abhor!  Grant it, they only added to their character flaws through the tea party but there was a time they weren't evil and I can no longer say that.

With all of this said, I could never bring myself to vote for a republican President so I voted for the first time in my 50 some years for Barack Obama!  I voted for him because I believed in his hopes and dreams for our future.  I voted for him because I could see a man who had the gentle spirit of a true warrior, not a macho man with a sharp tongue and a gun strapped to his side, hiding his insecurities.  I saw a man who had many battles to fight and the wisdom and patients to see the battles through to victory.  I saw a man who lives in reality and knew that his fight would be with "the party of no", the supreme court, corporations, chamber of commerce, a sheep type mentality called the "tea party", the far left and a new breed of "Reich"!  I saw a man who did not say "I can bring change" but always said "We can bring change" and he relied on his party to help him do just that!  Instead his party let him down when they had the perfect chance, the perfect time to change everything!  He did not say that he could win this battle alone!  He said it would take all of us and he was right!  We could have changed the world with this President but Democrats in Congress "turned coat", the far left fought the wrong battle and the wrong person and forgot what loyalty was.  Seriously, I'm not sure the far left even has a clue what the word "loyalty" means because they are too busy following whatever smoke is coming from "the far left media's a**"

The difference between myself and those on the far left who call me an Obamabot, I am wise enough to take my thoughts and disappointments to the source instead of giving the enemy the gun to shoot me with and then crying like a big baby because I'm bleeding and that has to be the Presidents fault!

Until the far left can take responsibility for their actions, until they can think for themselves and stop making stupid moves, this will be an uphill battle and you'd better be grateful we have such a wise President to lead us to the top!

For those blog readers who wonder what  my FB profile says and why I get responses that I it is! Everyone has the "freedom" not to request a friendship from me and before you read it, let me say that I have some very progressive friends who know which battles to fight, who to blame and I love them dearly but to those on the far left who call me names, think that I don't have a mind of my own or know how to use it I have one last message for you!  I think many of you are idiots and I came to that conclusion on my own!  -Mem

Hate Shouldn't Be Profitable AND that is why my FB is about politics!

I was born and raised in Colorado and have lived in Texas for the past 10 years. (Followed my kids)

I'm very passionate about my beliefs and I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I AM an Obama supporter so keep that in mind when and if you think it's okay to bash him on my post or page.

I am also VERY PRO-UNION and know that without the Unions in this Country, we are screwed!

I love to talk about everything from art, music and politics. I am not religious but I do consider myself Spiritual. (I always wanted to be just like Jesus so I became a hippie, loving socialist which did not fare well with my parents religious beliefs or my affiliation with the republican party through osmosis!)

So with that, welcome to my politically and positively-charged inner sanctum of witty antics, insightful novelties, and lively discussion -- there's always room for one more at my FB table...oh yeah, and dreaming of the South of France...always.

Here are my rules of engagement:

1. Who are you? If you want to friend me, have a heart and a photo. Without both, I will not add you.

2. Leave the kiddie games in your closet. I am not into "Farmville," "Mafia Wars," etc. Please do not ask me to help you find your lost cow, repair your toy car in car town or how to retrieve a weapon.

3. Up for discussion? I love politics, poetry, philosophy, environmental issues, astronomy, astrology, art, literature and animals (among others). I love debating topics so long as no one gets wounded in the crossfire. Please keep debates intelligible and back up your sources if you plan to present your argument.

4. Be respectful. I do not appreciate having off-topic spam comments posted to posts or notes unless they are relevant!

5. OBAMA BASHERS NEED NOT APPLY. I voted for POTUS and support the work he is trying to accomplish. I am not into degrading the POTUS. If you have an argument to present regarding the POTUS, that is fine. I don't personally agree with every single decision he has made but I do believe in respecting the office of the presidency and giving credit due where it is warranted.

6. If you friend me you are more likely to get added to my little nook on FB if you send me a message with your friend request.

7. Responsiveness. I try to respond to everyone as much as I can. If I do not, please do not take it to heart. I have a lot on my plate and I have to squeeze FB in whenever I can. If you do not get an immediate response or no response, it's not that I hate you or don't want to have anything to do with you -- it just means that I'm caught up in a project and cannot get away from it.

8. Racists, bigots, haters, militia crazies and POLITICAL TROLLS need NOT apply.

9. Geeks, green freaks, humanitarians, tree huggers, animal lovers, light workers, peace makers, philosophers, anthropologists, psychologists, visionaries, poets, lyricists, artists and dreamers always welcome!

10. If you are a nut - or like to write smut - I will unfriend before you reoffend! I have an 11 year old granddaughter that checks out my site now and then and she doesn't need a lesson in language so keep that in mind when you decide to throw the F bomb around.

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