Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


DANG ED-I think you owe President Obama an Apology! (video's)

I agree with what Wisconsin is doing and stand in solidarity with their fight but I have also asked the  question, where were these people during midterm elections?  Where were the independents and progressives during midterm elections? They were mad at the President so they stayed home, didn't vote or voted for people like Scott Walker!

I have also mentioned in several threads on facebook that the President can no longer keep his campaign promise to walk the streets with these people.  He has gotten more death threats then any President in history.  President Obama already fought for Wisconsin so people need to stop blaming him or asking where he is at on this.  This is the "peoples" fight. -Mem (Click on cont. for coverage to see video's and post by lanae)

Fri Feb 25, 2011 at 11:43 AM EST
I've Just about HAD IT with Ed Shultz!!!!!
by lanae

I just watched the intro to Ed Shultz and I just about threw my TV out the window. This man is beyond obnoxious. He for the first 15 minutes blasted this president for not speaking out more FORCEFULLY about Wisconsin, not going to Wisconsin to RALLY and MARCH with the Unions and bascially was appalled that more isn't being done with this president.


My question for Ed Shultz? Where the HELL was Wisconsin protesters on November 2, 2010?

Let me give Ed Shultz a walk back down memory lane

On labor day in Sept of 2010 in Wisconsin, President Obama, told ALL THOSE FOLKS out there now protesting what would happen if they GOP got control of these seats.

He started WARNING what would happen if Unions didn't come out and start getting ready  for the mid-term election.

President Obama Entire 1 hour Speech Milwaukee WI Labor Day Fighting For Workers

Then he came back a month later and warned Wisconsin VOTERS AGAIN to support Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, Govenor Nominee Tom Barrett, and all the democrats running for congress and what would happen if GOP took control. For those who have time to watch his rally in Wisconsin.....
Fired Up in Wisconsin

Rachel Maddow talked about this rally
Madison, Wisconsin: 26,000+ Turn Out For President Obama's 'Get Out The Vote' Effort

Michelle Obama campaigned for Feingold and told those people what was at stake.
Fl. Michelle Obama (2) Russ Feingold Wisconsin

President Obama, Michelle Obama campaigned and rooted for Wisconsin democrats running and told the UNIONS and ALL THOSE COLLEGE KIDS that the GOP is trying to drive us back into the ditch. Where were they November 2, 2010? Did the voters of wisconsin fall asleep at the wheel? Why did they not trust President Obama, Michelle Obama, Russ Feingold and all the Democratic congressman who told them to support democrats in the midterms? How did a once progressive state of Wisconsin lose the govenor's seat, lose both state houses, a senate seat and 2 congressional seats to Teabag Republicans. HOW?!?!?! This makes no sense to me!! You can best believe that President Obama and Russ Feingold felt betrayed from the main people they have been fighting for all there lives. They didn't stand with them and fight with them, they just gave up and let a ruthless dictatorship of a party take over their state and now that decision may have ripple consequences not only to the Unions but to the whole democratic party.

Last week I watched Ed Shultz and he started on his PRESIDENT OBAMA NEEDS TO GO TO WISCONSIN RANT trying to put this on the President for not speaking out forcefully for the Unions, when he is the main person telling folks not to vote in the midterms...He told the 99'rs not to vote and now he is mad that the GOP is trying to take us back to the 50's all over the country? He has some NERVE!!
Don't believe me? Here is the clip

(I love how Ed is fighting for the people in Wisconsin and fights for the little people but wow ED-OUCH! You helped create Scott Walker with a boycott? Just wow! So I owe you and the progressives some anger.   -Mem)
MSNBC Libtalker Declares 2010 Election Boycott

I have enjoyed listening and watching Ed Shultz because he has always fought for the working folks in this country and for a fair deal with middle class americans, but his constant bitching about this president and wisconsin is getting on my fucking nerves!! He sometimes makes me sick for his continuing bashing and blaming this president for everything that goes wrong. The president went all over this country WARNING voters what would happen if they didn't vote. He told them repeatedly. He traveled to Ohio  Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, Maryland, and told all those DEMOCRATS, STUDENTS, and UNIONS what would happen if the GOP got the keys back. Remember the GOP WILL drive us back into the DITCH story? I heard it so much I can repeat it in my sleep. So when I hear Ed Shultz blasting this president for his "NON-INVOLVEMENT" of this fight, I shake my head because he is the last person that should be blaming this president.

President needs to keep doing what he is doing because this isn't about him. Its about the grassroots unions fighting in Wisconsin. Just like those folks in Egypt, it is up to the people of wisconsin to win this fight.
There is an old saying - never get in the way of your enemies when they are self destructing.

If Obama starts to weigh in it gives Scott Walker a target i.e. - the Pres and fed govt sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. Governors all over the place in Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan) are backing away from this union busting tactic. Walker is out a limb and looking a bigger bozo everyday.

Governor walker right now may be under ethics investigation and it was reported on Huffing ton post that 3 of Senators is close to pulling the bill off the floor completely, so why would obama go to Wisconsin to fight something that the unions are already winning on?  Every major poll out there is behind the unions. He don't' need to have a freedom march out there. He has done enough. He commented on the assault on unions and he his political action committee OFA is on the ground in Wisconsin knocking on doors, boots on the ground, phonebanking and raising money for the cause.

He need to stay out of it cause walker is hanging himself.

The people in wisconsin have the power to correct a big mistake that was made last year by getting rid of some state senators and begin raising money for 2012 election and getting folks to begin the campaign of recalling govenor walker next january. Some folks in wisconsin want to win this fight on their own and repeatedly blasted ed shultz on his radio today for all his obama bashing because he isn't on the ground rallying or marching with the unions. He doesn't need to do anything because they got the whole country behind them, and if they stick to their guns they will win this fight. Nothing Obama can say or do that will change Govenor's Walker's mind and he wants the focus to stay on GOVENOR WALKER. The Wisconsin 14 need to continue trying to talk to 3 of the wavering senators who know this bill isn't going to get passed with that collective bargaining clause.

MADISON, WIS. - President Obama thrust himself and his political operation this week into Wisconsin's broiling budget battle, mobilizing opposition Thursday to a Republican bill that would curb public-worker benefits and planning similar protests in other state capitals.

  • Matt
    The steps the President has taken have been quite prudent and smart. Wanting him to walk the picket line is stupid and demonstrates an ignorance of what the role of the President is.

  • Rachelle
    For those of you who say Obama hasn't done enough for the Wisconsin budget battle--au contraire. His organizing machine has helped coordinate the rallies we've had this past weekend all over the country. He has also called out Governor Walker as being a union buster. :-)


  1. I think I am still in shock and did not know the huge roll Ed played in this progressive movement during the mid-terms...Ed maybe you owe all of us who went out and voted for our side (the democratic side) an apology!

  2. I think the people of Wisconsin are getting *exactly* what they deserve.

  3. kimbari trust me when I say I was very angry at the extreme left during the mid-terms but this fight in WI is about all of us now. If the Unions fall, we all lose and the wealthy win. This really is about all we have to move on and become United again...

  4. I think the people of Wisconsin are getting *exactly* what they deserve.

  5. I think the people of Wisconsin are getting *exactly* what they deserve.

  6. I think I am still in shock and did not know the huge roll Ed played in this progressive movement during the mid-terms...Ed maybe you owe all of us who went out and voted for our side (the democratic side) an apology!


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