Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Yes The Repulican Party Has Morphed Into Something!

I have been saying this since Sarah Palin came on the scene with John McCain, the republican party will no longer exist. Palin has brought her AIP sentiments with her and re-named it the tea party with the help of large Corporations like Fox and Koch. The republican party lost control during the elections and are caught in the middle of the religious and radical right known as the tea party.
The Republican Party doesn't know what to do about it! They are not happy about it! It started off as a useful tool to bring the President down but it is also bringing the party down. They are losing to the tea party but they have no where to turn. They have made their sheeple believe that the tea party was them but in reality "them" were not invited to the tea party.

I will continue to say that while Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and Fox continue to fight under the guise of freedom, every move they make will in reality take freedoms away from our Country. They complain about losing freedom of speech and yet they have not shut up since the day Palin walked onto the platform! The hate, racism, violence and division they invoke in this Country will lead to violence that will eventually lead to military law or civilians getting their guns taken away! They fight against women having the choice to make decisions about their own bodies. They want the government to make that choice for you and yet they scream against big government.

They fight against the freedom to choose your own medical care.  They choose for the insurance company to make that decision for you! They fight against SSI They want to privatize it so big corporations can benefit! They scream about taking away the tax cuts for the rich and yet the trickle down did not work. It just got rid of the middle class and makes the wealthy richer while the poor become destitute.

the poor and religious right fear, the tea party is bringing to your future in the name of God, Freedom and Fear!

Yes Mr. Binnie, the republican party has morphed into the tea party and soon the republican party will no longer exist! The reason this concerns me has to do with the danger of the tea party and it should concern every republican, independent and democrat! (The republican party in most part have always been Real Americans!) The tea party and everything they stand for is Anti-American and is dividing this Country and that my friend is their plan.  Congratulation Republicans, you are now the Tea Party Republicans, Anti American and everything America stands for! -Mem

Article By Tanya Somanader on Sep 9th, 2010 at 7:15 pm Think Progress

Pro-Choice GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Says Republican Party Has ‘Morphed Into’ Something ‘I Don’t Recognize’

Viewing the GOP as “the party of ideas,” Republican Senate candidate Bill Binnie entered the New Hampshire senate race to “add my voice to economic challenges” as a self-described fiscal conservative who believes in a woman’s right to choose. According to Binnie, his pro-choice stance invited “over 1,000 pieces of mail” and threatening phone calls to his home. “We don’t answer our phone anymore,” he said.

In defending his pro-choice stance, he said, “I believe that the individual has the final say, not the government, in terms of how we live our lives.” He added, “There is a fight in my party for individual rights and what it means to be a Republican.” But as the GOP shifts towards a more radical stance, he says “it is a challenge” to “stand in a Republican primary” when the party “has morphed into parts that I don’t recognize”:
“My view of the Republican Party is the party of ideas. It morphed into parts that I don’t recognize. I think it’s one of the debates of my candidacy.” [...]
“I started out in this race to add my voice to economic challenges and my background,” he said. “I didn’t realize, you’re talking about the polarization, I am a centric New Hampshire citizen. I’m fiscally conservative, I’m socially moderate. I’m not an extremist in any way. And yet, as I stand up in a Republican primary, it is a challenge. That’s what I’ve learned from this process in the last few months.
“I went to a debate in Portsmouth and I was the only one when asked are you a social conservative, I said no,” Binnie said. “I couldn’t believe that. Everyone is a fiscal conservative and we all have to be social conservatives? I don’t think we all have to stand on the same square to be a Republican. That’s what this fight in my view has turned into. You could put a piece of paper between the substance of most of our decisions. By any measure I’m a conservative. Just ask my kids.”
Binnie is not the only Republican falling victim to the “hostile takeover” and radicalization of the GOP. The so-called “reasonable Republican” Rep. Bob Inglis criticized Republican leaders for the “lowest form of political leadership” and Tea Party-driven “demagoguery” that is “dividing the country into partisan camps that really look a lot like Shia and Sunni.” Though he received “a 93 percent lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union,” he lost in his primary run-off.

Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT), who fell victim to a Tea Party backlash, slammed the GOP for letting tea parties and Fox News lead it by the nose. Echoing Binnie’s sentiments, Bennett noted, “I find plenty of slogans on the Republican side, but not very many ideas.”
Added note: Sept. 18, 2010

This comment from a gentleman on FB has to do with this topic and thought it was appropriate for this article.-Mem

John Hannaford That's right Mem and Kathy... That is the real unreported story. It is ironically the Republican party that is being destroyed by them. The right created and pumped up the Teahadists to exploit and mine the fear, racism, propaganda pathway... believing they could gain politically and it turns out their Frankenstein monster is destroying their Moderate wing, while at the same time causing the rightist elements to move even further to avoid their wrath. The wing nuts are running them and their ideas are whack... They are increasingly narrow, despotic, anti diversity in every aspect including thought, are theocratic, against any freedom of action, with no reflection of reality regarding economics, and freely give power over to corporate overlords.... read and listen to their stuff... This is no longer right vs left issues. The very foundations of our constitutional structure is at stake, our rights are at stake, many of our freedoms are at stake.

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