Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Religion Means....

  • Never having to say you're sorry
  • Throwing Granny Off The Cliff
  • Taking away Freedom under the "guise of fighting for our freedoms"
  • Breaking the laws of the Country and getting away with it
  • It's okay to be a racist if a "black" man lives in the White house
  • Carrying guns and hate signs to intimidate others because you can
  • Making your own rules
  • The right to say No to Everything
  • It's okay to Lie as long as you never admit to anything
  • Turning a blind eye to the truth
  • Supporting Pontius Pilate (Sarah Palin, Rick Perry) rather then "The Community Organizer"
  •  Using others for political and monetary gain
  • It's okay to molest children and call it "teaching" the word of God
  • It's okay to rape a woman, it's a form of teaching submissiveness 
  • Only loving life and protecting it while it's in the womb
I could go on and on with what religions means but it would take me a lifetime so please feel free to add to this list in comments.  With that said, I am not a religious person who bows to legalism.  I do not attend church, nor do I have any desire to.  I am a spiritual person who finds my God within the grounds of this universe, in the walls of my heart and in the debts of my moral fiber.-Mem

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