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Who The Hell Is Mr. Obama?

by Mem McD

My mother of course would say you should say "who the heck is Mr. Obama?" and my Dad would say "heck is a by word and you should not say either word!"  Just thought I would throw that bit of information in for history's sake.

Which brings me to the first President of this Country, George Washington. History tells us that when George Washington became the first President everything was a learning process. We all know that nothing has really changed.  A person does not have experience as a President of the United States, until he becomes the President of the United States.

Many were uncertain how they should address George Washington, as was he.  One day a man asked him, "how do we address you sir?" and George answered "Call me Mr. President"!   That is how we have addressed Presidents since then.  As Mr. President,  President Washington or President George Washington.

To separate himself from the common man and to make a substantial difference in the President's position and the common man,  President Washington also refused to shake hands with anyone as he felt this was beneath the President of the United States.

As a child I was taught by my parents and in school that we should show respect for the President by addressing him as such.  My parents always insisted on this rather they voted for that President or not and I am grateful to this day that my parents taught me the difference between right and wrong, something that seems to be lacking in this Country.

Today I hear the right wing media refer to President Barack Obama as Mr. Obama.  Some just call him Obama.  Many times when I am tweeting and only allowed 147 words I have been guilty of the Obama calling myself but it has never been out of lack of respect, just lack of space.  Sometimes I find myself saying Obama because he has become like a close personal friend with his down home personality but I have never said it out of lack of respect.

I believe the lack of respect is a deliberate move from those on the right rather it be the media, congress members or just your everyday Joe Six-pack!   This disturbs me, rubs me the wrong way, gets my dander up, makes me want to hit the TV with a large object but mostly it makes me sad.  This is our Country now.  This is what we wake up to every day!  A Country full of racism, hate, ignorance, intolerance and void of respect for our President. (I won't bother to acknowledge what he has actually been called by members of the Right-wing and the Tea Party because their insults are not worth printing)

We have a woman who was the Vice Presidential Candidate to John McCain who lost the run and still she insist that everyone call her Governor Palin, although she is no longer a Governor.  Not only is she no longer a Governor but she is a Half Governor.  If anything the media should address her as Quitter Half Governor Palin (who blames the media and everyone else who questions her about anything for her decision to quit ) but rather it be out of fear or fox infatuation they refer to her as Governor Palin! As I said before, this is our Country now!

As much as the right angers me with their character flaws I am more angered when I turn to the only semblance of a left wing media outlet known as MSNBC and I hear Keith Olberman or other commentators that I respect and listen to referring to the President as Mr. Obama.  This angers me even more then the right because I can always tell when the fickle left is trying to make a point to or about the President.  It is a blatant in your face Mr. Obama.  It is a "I am very unhappy with you today and I want you to know this so I am giving you (as Bristol Palin would say) the big middle finger by calling you Mr. Obama!  Tomorrow I may be on your side again and if I am I will call you President Obama.  I may slip once in awhile and call you both during my show but if I am on a rant please know that I meant to call you Mr. Obama."

I understand that President Obama is not one to lash out and his intelligence calls upon him to take the higher road.  I understand that people want him to get angry, to reach across the isle and knock someone out.  I would love to see him do this as well but that is not his nature.  I think he has the ability to get angry, to smack others down but I think he prefers not to handle situations that way.  (Most intelligent people don't) I don't think we will ever see this President Going Rogue, thank God.  I am assured that this President has earned respect from the multitude of things he has gotten done for this Country (many of which you will never hear about from the media) but I am also certain that he will never get this respect from a huge percentage of this Country.

If I could sit down with President Obama and have a conversation with him the same way I would with my children I would tell him:

You teach people how to treat you and it's never to late for a lesson and it's never to late for us to learn.

I would tell him that his first mistake was You Lie Joe Wilson!  The man should have been dragged out of the building, forced to resign his position in Congress and made to give a public apology to the President as well as the Country.

I would tell him to tell the Republicans that he won't be hugging their elephant and they can kiss his ass!  I would tell the Democratic Congress that they are the  majority, don't make me fight you every step of the way because you won't be back next year if you do.

I would tell him to make it clear to the American People and the media that we are in two wars that none of us wanted but because we are, any comment directed at him that invokes violence or anger against him or this Country would be considered treason and dealt with as such!

So many things I would say to him, but most of all I would let him know that I still have his back, that he has the hardest job in the Country and is responsible for a lot of people and I understand that.  I would tell him to fight for the people, knowing that he will but in his own way and I will accept that knowing his nature and higher self will do it with a steady hand, a calm voice and a silent faith in his maker. I will trust my parents and be the loyal person that they taught me to be and do it with no regrets.

Just like my children, I would tell him that there are going to be times that I am disappointed in the choices he has made because it is not what I would have chosen.  There are times I am going to be upset with decisions he has made because I don't think them to be the best decision.   But just like with my children, I have to let him make his way, knowing that whatever choices or decisions he has made he is fully capable of turning it into something good. 

I know that many from the right and the left do not agree with my continued support for this President.  I know that many of you would like for me to lash out in anger at this President but I won't!  I won't because I still believe in the man I voted for.  I still believe in the man that holds a baby and worries about that child's future.  I still believe in the man who worries about families that are losing everything and have nothing. I won't because I still believe in a man who donated the money from his children's book to military families.  I still believe in a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize and gave the money to those who have not. I still believe in the intellect of the man I voted for.  I still believe in the calm spirit of the man who became a community organizer, the man I voted for. 

I still listen to this song every night because I still believe The American Prayer!  I still believe that he will get us safely to the distant shore.  I know that he will get us to the top of the mountain because his strength lies deep within his heart and with that I proudly call him Mr. President!

It is not easy to straighten in the oak
the crook that grew in the sapling.-American Proverb

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