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I Am Republican And I Stand For....

I had to add this article to my scrapbook.  This is an excellent article that every American should read and something I want my granddaughter to read so that she will understand why I am NOT a Republican-Mem

Posted on June 27th, 2010 by iwaller
I Am Republican/America For Purchase 

I stand for white Americans, yet, with false promises, I woo every minority group in the country.

I stand for big corporations and huge corporate profits; oppose tax breaks for Middle America and support two-thirds of U.S. companies and Exxon Mobile not paying income taxes.

I stand for big oil companies giving them massive tax credits and fighting regulation to protect America’s environment, while allowing them to write America’s Energy Policy.

I stand for big health insurance companies and the deaths of 45,000 Americans each year by opposing health care reform, lying about death panels and ensuring health care is only for America’s wealthy and Congress.I oppose Americans’ right to purchase prescription drugs overseas as they should pay 4 times the price to U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

I stand for shipping American jobs overseas, giving tax breaks to Corporations who move their headquarters to foreign countries in order to avoid paying taxes and fighting legislation to create jobs in America.

I stand against Labor Unions and support keeping minimum wages low so Corporate CEOs can massively increase their incomes on the backs of Middle America and donate to Republicans.

I stand up for Wall Street Banks and actively solicit political donations from financial institutions who gamble with Americans’ money while opposing regulation to protect the investments of U.S. Citizens.

I oppose prosecuting businesses who hire illegal immigrants but support racial profiling of all Americans with dark skin.

I support the Declaration of Independence except “that all men are created equal”, as this only applies to white Republicans.

I support only the 2nd and 10th Amendments of the Bill of Rights and believe the Christian religion should apply to all Americans; I choose to ignore that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”.

I set record Pork Barrel spending and passing on the debt of war for profit to future generations.

I believe in spending America into debt and support every GOP spending bill without the means to pay for the expense as 82% of national debt was created by me.

I support the growth of government, yet oppose it under Democratic leadership.

I support taking away Americans’ right to privacy, tapping their phones, reading their email, accessing their bank records and reading their mail.

I support treating all corporations housed in the U.S. as individuals, with the same rights and privileges, to ensure elections can continue to be funded and bought against the will of the people.

I support turning budget surpluses into budget deficits, borrowing more money from China while blaming others for my own actions and that deficits do not matter.

I believe in giving trillion dollar tax cuts to the rich to widen the income gap for hardworking Americans.

I support America failing and the economy failing as long as another Party is in power.

I support the philosophy of greed, power, corruption, marriage infidelity and calling anyone who does not agree with me a Nazi, Communist, anti-American and a Socialist.

I support eliminating Medicare and Social Security for America’s senior citizens.

I support BP’s right to pollute the Gulf of Mexico and oppose helping Coastal residents and the government’s effort to make deep water drilling safe.

I oppose protecting American soldiers with body armor and armored humvees, and making health care accessible for soldiers and veterans.

I support torture in violation of international treaties and humanity even though it puts America’s soldiers in harm’s way.

I oppose fair pay for women and believe men are superior and have the right to control women’s bodies.

I oppose civil rights in America.

I do not know how to govern so I use fear mongering, scare tactics and inciting violence to manipulate Americans rather than having viable solutions for America’s problems.

I am a conservative and believe in conserving corporate and political power over the needs of taxpaying Americans.

I am a Christian in name only, a member of the religious right but do not subscribe to the principles of the Bible, I make my own rules.

I Am A Republican!  I go by many names: The Party of No, The Party of Obstructionism, Boehner, Limbaugh, McConnell, Vitter, McCain, Cantor, Bachmann, Roberts, Inhofe, Sessions, Palin, Ensign, Sanford, Perry, Giuliani, Paul, Huckabee, Barton, Hutchison, Kyl, Gohmert, Jindal, and Cornyn to name a few.

When Americans vote Republican, America steps back to a time of personal poverty and witnesses the demise of support for hard working families, senior citizens, and children.

I am a Republican!

Emailed to me by Loyal Blue
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