Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Scratch "We The People"

By Dan Touse
The "Chamber," FOX Fruitloops, Foch & their litany of think tanks & "grass roots" orgs have spent billions to convince the public - and apparently all broadcast "news" networks - that Obama is "anti business," "anti small business," ... has... "a problem" with business... And sadly, the American public buys it hook line and sinker.

In less than 2 years, Obama has granted over $96 BILLION in federal contracts to SMALL BUSINESS... more than any prior administration. Incidentally, by law, the government is obligated to grant @ 21% of all federal contracts to small business. Under Bush only @ 4 - 7% went to small business. Contracts typically went to large multinationals, with the full blessing of Chamber!

The original Recovery Act [aka "Stimulus" bill] had a provision mandating all spending and purchases should give priority to "buy American..." The GOP, with Chamber support, succeeded in blocking that provision!

Virtually every GOP loudmouth who railed at the House & Senate podiums against the "Failed Stimulus Bill," ranting that "O" jobs were created, then went home to be photographed accepting "Stimulus" checks and issuing press releases on how They helped create jobs!

The President has passed 16 tax CUTS for small business! He and congressional Democrats have had to fight continuously to provide direct grants and loans to small business. He has done more for small business than any president in recent memory

The Chamber also successfully lobbied against legislation to prevent predatory lending practices and credit card abuses aimed at small business. They lobbied to block the bill ending tax loopholes for businesses taking jobs offshore - and granting tax credits for jobs created in America! They have also spent billions to block or undermine health care reform, financial services reform, energy and environmental legislation. Their solicitation of foreign funds to sway elections was based on warning foreign interests that if Democrats maintained a majority, they would try to increase domestic production and bring jobs back home!

For the better part of 40 years the Chamber has done everything possible to make the world safe for corptocracy [apologies to Woodrow Wilson.] It is they who advance a "New World Order" of unfettered multinational corporate control. At every opportunity they have sought to crush the American worker...and thus the American middle class. They have fought to stifle competition under the guise of "free market economy" as they have manipulated increasing control over legislation and court rulings. There was a fairly recent boast that something like 80% of the court rulings had been in their favor! The GOP not only proudly champions their desire to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Workman's Comp, and whatever is left of traditional fixed benefit pensions, they are now proudly seeking to eliminate the minimum wage. Can you say "Third World?"

Like millions of Americans, I am disappointed that President Obama has not been more successful in bringing about a more rapid and expansive recovery. There is not a single news session - on any network...liberal, centrist, or right wing...that does not proclaim Obama's continuing economic failure. Apparently the news "pros" do not read there own copy... and America is not paying attention.... Consider:

- Unemployment is 9.6%. It was 10% in Nov 1982 [Reagan]
- GDP increased 8% since Jan 2009
- Stock market is up @ 60%
- Obama's first budget Deficit has DECREASED $125 BILLION from Bush's final deficit
-Obama has created more private sector jobs in 18 months than Bush did in 8 years
- Obama has created more manufacturing jobs in 18 months than Bush did in 8 years

These are rather remarkable achievements given the deep hole "trickle-down" economics created, and the almost universal obstruction the President has encountered! Recovery at the top has been phenomenal. They have recovered virtually all their losses and again experience record profits...and ever-escalating bonuses, even as they ignore the plight of we who saved their collective Butt! Wall St & the corporate moguls are sitting on $2.5+ TRILLION...Not because they are "nervous about the future..." but because they want to destroy Obama - just as they tried to do to FDR in 1937/38.

This is not the time to surrender control back to those who created this disaster...but to push the President forward...


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