Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Right Wing Christians March To The Beat Of The Teaparty Republican's Anti-Christ!

The article I am posting by wolverinethad has been my feelings (minus the F word most of the time) since I left the republican party in 2008.  I know that they don't care!  They only care about the rich, bringing down Obama and taking us back to a time that "freedom" did not exist for many.  The "people" of the teaparty republicans have truly become sheep who are losing their homes, jobs, health and freedom while fighting to keep the rich richer.  They have embraced Sarah Palins "death panel" for themselves, their children and all of America!  They have "fooled" the Right Wing Christians just like the Bible predicted they would and the Right Wing Christians march to the beat of the teaparty republicans Anti-Christ!

(Many don't believe in God, the Bible or the End Times but I say if an Anti-Christ does exist, he exist within the teaparty republicans.  That is my opinion and I won't change that thought based on my spiritual beliefs and research)

Until every person in the democratic party realizes that "playing nice" is not how to handle this, we are doomed to repeat history.  (Nazi Germany's History)  Until the "true" republicans of our past realize that this is no longer "our parents" republican party but a party made up of corporations and evil men, then you are aiding home grown terrorist as well as becoming an enemy to our Country yourself. Until MSM starts reporting the truth again, until they become real journalist again, we will continue to sink as a Country.  

I refuse to play nice with the teaparty republicans because I have spent years being a part of their play book.  They will destroy this Country for their own evil purposes and won't even blink an eye doing it!-Mem

Wed Jun 15, 2011 at 01:42 PM PDT 
This liberal is going to war. Are you going to join him?
by wolverinethad

Last night, I struggled for words about this, and today I was still, but I started talking online to a friend of mine about it, and the stream of consciousness was such that I figured I should put it all together in the hopes of getting it out, feeling better, and summoning the will to put these assclowns out of business across the board in 2012.
As we know, because this [the WI law] only involves public sector unions in one state, it doesn't go further than the state supreme court, which fucked them. The state has the right to do away with public sector unions. However, there has been longstanding precedent regarding the Open Meetings Act, which has guaranteed for decades that 24 hours notice must be given on any committee meeting or legislative session. The GOP called a meeting and vote on the union-busting bill with two hours notice. The Democratic senators were out of state, but Dem House Minority Leader Peter Barca was there, and he immediately said on TV the law had been broken, and the trial judge saw that, and overturned the law. But these fucking GOP goons who have the one-vote majority on the supreme court said, nope, sorry, nothing was violated here....EVEN THOUGH IT BLATANTLY WAS.  So the Open Meetings Act, with decades of precedent, was overturned by activist judges....who the GOP will laud as heroes, because the only "activists" they hate are liberals who look out for the little guy.   I hate Republicans so fucking much anymore. I never used to be like this. People are like, oh, Keith [Olbermann] is too angry, he should be more civil, blah blah. The biggest con game in history is the modern Republican Party's PR versus its actual actions, and the media almost never hits them for it, period. Keith should be angry. I'm angry. Liberal America is fucking up in arms.  These people are fucking horrible. Awful.  They don't give a shit about America. Their America is the type you'd see in a fucking Twilight Zone episode.
You see, Republicans yearn for the 1950s again because you could be openly racist, say "ni**er" and "spic" in normal conversation, and be anti-Semetic without any real repercussions. Now they sit there and use code words, and have their housepets like Michael Steele and Herman Cain, the only two black people they can point to and call Republicans, cause Colin Powell left the reservation in 2008 and is still strongly backing Obama. Powell has some pride. Steele and Cain don't, and even when they talk about their party's hypocrisy, it's in very subtle ways and they never blame the GOP for their own fucking actions.  Somehow, it's always the fault of Democrats or society that black people treat the GOP like the Black Death.
Republicans do not give a fuck. Period. And because they play scorched earth on everything, and because we, as liberals, like to be reasonable, and tolerant, we're always at a disadvantage, because it's always, ALWAYS easier to hate instead of love.  Sadly, America understands hate a lot better, which is why Republicans win so many fucking elections. We haven't figured out love for our fellow man nationwide, and it makes me hurt inside. 100 years ago, a conservative, a Republican (or a Tory in Britain) could care about human and workers rights too. They didn't want to be as restrictive on business, but Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt gave a flying fuck about the little guy and tried to make his life better in some way. Today? HELL NO. Conservatives are greedy bastards, and they've institutionalized greed in America, made it respectable, make it a goal of Americans. Insted of trying to pull yourself up, you just want to top Jim next store with a better car, better yard, bigger TV, etc., because God fucking forbid you be equal with anyone.
I don't know how we can stop this. I don't know if we can stop this.  But I have had it up to here.  I'm tired of being the nice guys.  I'm tired of us trying to set an example that 30% of the nation ignores and another 25% doesn't give a fuck about.  There's no playing nice with Republicans.  Bipartisanship is just a pretty word people use to win elections and then can never implement, because Democrats can never get Republicans to sign on to anything, while Republicans don't give a fuck about ever working with Democrats, nor do they give a fuck about bipartisanship, period.  We need to think every day that they don't care.  Also, while I hate to inject it here, Anthony Weiner, for all his faults in this stupid cockpic scandal of his, he fucking got it.  He took the fight to Republicans.  Alan Grayson took the fight to Republicans.  They get it.  They get that Republicans do not fucking care one iota about this nation.  They only care about power to install permanently their Christo-fascist-corporatist laws.  The last 30 years have gone like this.  Republicans come into power and fuck everything up, America finally gets pissed, elects Democrats, then get pissed they can't reverse a decade of deliberate destruction in two years, and then put Republicans back into power again.
We need to wake people up, and it's not going to happen, to quote JFK's assistant Kenny O'Donnell, by being "the blessed order of St. Mary the Meek."  We need to be hardasses.  We need to be angry.  We need to be angry like those teabagging idiots because that's the only way the press notices you.  We need to be angry because America is being raped and pillaged, and we might as well be facing a fucking invasion from China or Russia right now the way we're all being beaten into submission.  We need to start finding real liberals, real Democrats, people not beholden to the corporate gods, run them in elections, and always, ALWAYS make fucking sure that we make up a bigger percentage of their campaign money than the boys down on Wall Street, because the moment we stop being important, that's when we lose them.
I'm tired of losing, losing the media war, losing the PR war, losing the real battles like Wisconsin yesterday.  2008 cannot be our watershed.  We've suffered some hard losses, but we need to get up and be driven and angry every day.  I wish we had a thousand Keith Olbermanns running things, because at least he fucking gets it.  I wish we had a thousand Alan Graysons, because he gets it.  And take away the proclivity for showing off that Weiner has and clone him too, because he gets that we need to FIGHT.  The DNC and Pelosi need to stop with this bullshit faux outrage and these calls for resignation, let the man get his personal house in order so he can get back to doing what they haven't done enough: stand up in public and call the Republicans what they are: greedy, hypocritical, faux-moralizing, corporate whores who don't give a flying fuck if the average guy lives or dies, has health care or not, has a job or not.  Enough infighting.  This is a WAR and we need to start acting like it.  They declared the war, we need to fight them with everything we have or we will lose America, and I pray to God I never see that day come.

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