Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


I Say Bull Crap On Wiener Resigning!

The hypocrisy of the republican party never ceases to amaze me!  We have Vitter and numerous others who have committed "Sexual Acts" in which Anthony Wiener did not do and yet they are demanding that he resign.

I would also like to point out that Scott Brown was voted into office even after his famous centerfold came seriously people?

John McCain had an affair, left his wife and children and yet he has not suffered at all in his political career!  Why?  John McCain chose Sarah Palin to run with him as VP and yet there are numerous rumors that Todd Palin is not the father of their oldest son Track Palin.   During the campaign McCains people worked endlessly to hide the rumors that Sarah Palin had an affair with Todd's business partner, Brad Hanson and now the woman is thinking about running for President and that's okay?  Where is the media on all of this?

Regardless of Anthony Wieners indiscretions he is a fighter for the people and what is right so instead of letting the republicans get away with demanding his resignation and their blatant hypocrisy, the democratic party should be standing with Anthony Wiener, not against him!  (my hubby would be alive today if we would have had medical insurance, single payer or medicare so don't destroy the people who fight for us!)

Find a way to move on with Jobs, etc. and tell the media it's over!  This is ridiculous!  Anthony Wiener is only the topic because everyone allows the media to make it the topic! Start talking JOBS and force the republican party to do so as well!

My message to Anthony is keep your wiener to yourself, get the help you need, take some time to heal your marriage then get back to congress and do what you do best! "Fight For The People"! -Mem

*I'm including this post from blogger RBInMaine

The bar has been set. Vitter didn't resign, so neither should Wiener. Plain and simple!

Edited on Mon Jun-13-11 06:39 PM by RBInMaine

Vitter shagged DC Madam prostitutes lord knows how many times. He broke the law. He dipped his wick repeatedly. Wiener did neither. Vitter apparently re-acquainted himself with Jesus, didn't resign, and has even been re-elected. Where was the clammering for him to resign? He did MUCH worse.

When people start shouting for Vitter to resign, then I'll listen to those asking Wiener to do so. Until then, Wiener should do as he and his family and his constituents see fit.

(* Others who did worse and didn't resign: Clinton, that SC Gov., the bathroom foot-tapping Senator from Idaho, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin. Others who had affairs but are doing just fine today in the eyes of history or today's public include John McCain, Newt Gingrich, JFK, FDR, and very possibly George HW Bush. And then there is also Clarence Thomas who certainly perjured himself in his nomination hearings and has been on the highest court in the land ever since even though he is a confirmed serial sexual harasser who talked at length about raunchy sexual topics including beastiality. Talk about "having issues".)

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