Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


If by Strong you mean bullying the moderator, repeating his lies and doing flip flops....

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This morning I will give you my take on the debates.  Fail for Romney! Why?  Because Romney was Romney! He put on a show for the Country, didn't give any details and lied just as I expected he would.  His only real Zinger during the debate also became just another flip flop.  While he is bragging about his ability to create jobs (without any details of how he will do this) he is already announcing that he will first fire Jim Lehrer and Big Bird! At least Willard remained true to his own statement that he does like to fire people!

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As for President Obama he took a huge lashing from MSNBC  (Chris and Ed especially) which I ended up turning off because their anger was nauseating.  It reminded me of another time with Ed.

I also find the outrage very hypocritical since the media in general (and yes those on MSNBC as well) have had many opportunties to call out a guest on their blanant lies and yet they don't.  Instead they give them the platform to say what we could have heard on Fox.

I have come to realize in the past month that my passion for politics is like my husbands passion was for golf or the passion people have for football, baseball, or boxing.  You can't wait for the game, you want your team to win and you want them to win big.  In this way I understand the frustration that the MSNBC panel had because they were pumped for the fight.  Yes, President Obama had opportunities to talk about Bain, about the 47%, the republican filibusters, medicare, SSI (Baiting Romney on that one in my opinion) but how can you get all of that in when the "referee" isn't doing his job so well. (Jim let Romney bully him and his questions and interactions weren't that impressive. Don't get me wrong, I like and admire Jim but was disappointed.)  More importantly why would you even have an interest in a debate that was going to be filled with lies and a rehearsed speech?  Why would you bring yourself to the level of a person who is flat out lying and being the school yard bully, especially if you are the President of the United States?  President Obama gave the facts, was honest in his answers and yes maybe a bit bored...who wouldn't be?  I couldn't even imagine having a real debate with someone who is going to say and do what he always say's and does.  I would be bored to tears as well.  Where is the debate?  It was also quite obvious by the many looks at Jim, that President Obama also expected Jim to step up to the plate which he didn't.

Another thing that crossed my mind is Romney having his granddaughter at the debate.  I think that it was very convenient for Willard.  Anyone that has come to know the President knows that he is not a man who would call a little girls grandfather a liar while she is sitting there watching and listening.   I thought that was something that everyone seem to miss.  This President has respect for children, their feelings and what they see and hear in life.  (Not that I think our President would just flat out say you are a liar to anyone.  He has more respect for people then that.)  I think what I find the most appalling of this whole debate was the fact that Mitt Romney could lie so blatantly in front of his children and grandchild without blinking an eye!  I think there is actually a name for that "mental disorder"! (social-path, pathological liar comes to mind)

My last reason for feeling like our President was the real winner was his ability to let Romney hang himself with more lies and flip flops.  Even though Romney has stated that he will not let fact checkers get in his way, he has opened the door for Vice President Biden to nail Paul Ryan during his debates.  He has also opened the door for future debates because now President Obama can use Romneys own words against him while looking him in the face. (And can you imagine all the material President Obama and Joe Biden will have to work with today and in the future) Perhaps, our President had a plan.  If you think about it, President Obama never does anything recklessly.


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As for the President looking down, (the media brought this up several times) I find it hard to look a liar in the face as well.  It's like looking at spoiled food that has been sitting in the refrigerator for more then a's nauseating.  Head shake very understandable.  That's what many of us do when someone is lying!

Last but not least I would advise President Obama to NEVER debate with Mitt unless Romney is hooked up to a lie detector or is wearing a shock collar!

Here are some facts for those who "think" Romney won! President Obama took out Bin Laden, while Mitt Romneys only plan is to take out Big Bird!  The only good Zinger in the debate was when President Obama asked Mitt why he was keeping his plans a secret, because it's so good?

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What Mitt's head is probably saying- After I was caught on camera talking to my rich friends about "you people" I got such a beating on the playground, that I have decided to say that I really care about "you people"! Did it work? Suckers! Dang and I hope no one caught that limp wrist thing I did while walking towards my know how I feel about that....

I am not a writer nor an English major, (that is why I have a scrapbook) but I will post what I see and hear and yes, it is just my opinion!-Mem

Update Oct. 5, 2012


  1. Wish there was a way to make sure that when viewing your post in Google Reader, I did not have to see an ad for Mitt Romney underneath your post. You are a good writer, btw, because it is coming from the heart!

    1. Hi Ned and thank you. You are a dear! I know what you mean about the ad for Mitt. I have complained to google about that many times and even changed my preferences but because it's a political page it picks up on his ads! Pffttt


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