Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Here in Texas.....

I am originally from Colorado and trust me, it is NOT just about Texas in my opinion.  I got many complaints about President Obama from the people in the small town I grew up with back home.  What I find ironic about the complaints from back home and the small town I live in here in Texas, those who are complaining about the poor and the people on welfare are the ones on unemployment, social security disability, food stamps and standing in food lines!

Those who are complaining the most about what the Democrats are doing to this Country are the ones "using" the benefits the Democrats have fought so hard for. Do they stop to think that those they put in Congress don't care that they are poor or losing their homes?  Those they put in Congress who continue to vote against better wages, health care and jobs are the ones being paid well and have "great government" benefits themselves!  When did people get so damn ignorant that they started voting against their own self-interest?  Oh, I remember...when we put a "black man" in the white house!-Mem

Bob Drews 
The Red States ARE the Welfare Queens of the Union. Republicans are always saying Democratic voters are the poor and are on welfare, but the truth is RATHER the OPPOSITE! This chart is from the non-partisan Tax Foundation and shows how much each State gets back from the Federal Government for each dollar paid in Federal Taxes. Blue or Democratic States are paying for the Welfare checks of the Red or Republican States

P.S. I don't like to see anyone struggle so here is something that I know many American's can use! It's fast and simple to apply for and it benefits everyone in your family!  RxRelief Card 
Thank a Democrat and Thank your President!-Mem

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