Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


God must have put in a second call.....

Cain, Bachmann, Perry....all called by God....

I hope these two weren't the "Big Secret" that Pat Robertson was keeping! If so, isn't he going to look like an idiot?  Mem..... Don't say it!
Michele Bachmann has canceled her campaign appearances today, and called a late morning news conference.
www.nationaljournal.comRep. Michele Bachmann is suspending her presidential campaign, said a senior Republican official with direct knowledge of the lawmaker’s plans. By suspending her campaign, Bachmann is effectively dropping out.

Texans Against Perry 
After his rejection by Iowa Republicans, Rick Perry will return to his $10,000/mo rental mansion, and his $240,000 in salary & so-called "retirement" pay. He has damaged our state just like he damaged his presidential campaign, and now respected journalist Paul Burka says it is time for Perry to resign. Click "share" and help us spread this important message!
What an amazing turn of events. It started out as an ordinary speech by a losing candidate. Rick Perry thanked Iowa, he thanked his supporters, he thanked his family, and he read a letter from a young man who had driven from Texas to work in the campaign, all of it routine stuff. And then, suddenly,...

This guy is having a hard time admitting that even Republicans don't like him...LOL-Mem
Rick Perry he’s going into states that have “actual primaries,” adding voters who attended Iowa’s Caucuses last night were actually Democrats.

Update: Perry would put troops back in Iraq, every republican would go to war with Iran (accept maybe Libertarian (koch brothers) Ron Paul and well this nut case-
Let's get down to brass tacks: Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Personhood Pledge-signing, Griswold vs. Connecticut-opposing, Mr. Ban Abortion in All Circumstances With No Exception for the Life of the Mother, believes that the actions of his own wife should be treated as criminal.

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