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It Is A Big Deal

Photo by Bill Perry
As many of you know there has been a grassroots movement taking place against Wall Street.  I have not posted anything about it yet because I have been so busy trying to get myself situated for a move back to Colorado but I felt this movement (Occupy Wall Street) and a story needed to be in my scrapbook.  A FB friend of mine is a member of Delaware Valley Veterans For America and is also one of the protesters taking pictures and telling their stories. What could be better then a first hand count of what is happening? Thank you Bill Perry for sharing American History in the making, for your service to our Country and for fighting against Wall Street and Big Corporations!-Mem 

700 Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge

Day #15, OCCUPY WALL STREET 10/1/11
I had just spent 8 hours, with 700 of my closest friends, being detained, while Occupying the Brooklyn Bridge.

At 3pm, We started marching around OUR city, making our demands for Peace, Freedom, Economic Justice, and Equality, when Mayor Hosni Bloomberg's NYPD entrapped us into using the Brooklyn Bridge roadway, rather than the raised deck of the Pedestrian Walkway. Nine, or 10,000 Thousand folks, (like VFP's 'Nam Vets George McAnanama & Dr Camillo Mac Bica), were able to use the raised walkway, but those 700 of us on the actual Roadway got tired at the Mid-span of the Bridge, near the famous Neo-Gothic stone Suspension Cable Towers, and we plopped down to study the beautiful Archways built into the Towers, and the lovely geometric designs of the graceful steel suspension cables.

Mayor Bloomies NYPD didn't play that shit.

From 4pm to 7pm, we were absolutely saturated with rain, while the Police were realizing THEY, too, are part of the 99%, as big hits to their Pension Plans are being discussed. Police finally got about 10 big ass MTA busses, (because their meat wagons were woefully inadequate, for all 700 of us.) They backed the buses up from both the Brooklyn side, and the Manhattan side, and by 7pm, we were all on board the 2nd & 3rd waves of busses, and by 8pm, we were processed and locked into about TWENTY 1 person cells, crammed with 7 or 8 peeps each.

Our Occupation's use of The Communal "Mic Check" is really valuable. We were able to communicate messages to all 20 cells, on opposite sides of the wing of the jail, for Legal Aid ph #'s, messages from the last folks to get out, to the 1st peeps to be sprung, get said messages out to loved ones, and even the cops on the transport busses were using "Mic Check" to communicate to us which of the 3 processing Precincts we were going to, and all the niceties that kids who've never been detained should know.

We sang, laughed, joked, and grooved, until we were released, around 2am, and most of us got back to LIBERTY PLAZA by 3am, a mere 12 hours after our March left LIBERTY PLAZA.

The last 40 or so photos in this FaceBook Album are the last of our 5 and 6 person Affinity groups, as we got out of the 75th Precinct, and we joyfully welcomed each other's illusory freedom, then travelled back to our Liberty Plaza Base Camp, off WALL STREET.

I was honored to be jailed with all the young-uns (y'all wouldn't believe the age demographics of the kids), and it was my SECOND favorite DETENTION since Hosni Mubarak detained 600 of us, in Tahrir Square, on Dec 31, 2009, on the Gaza Freedom March (13 months BEFORE the Egypt Revolution)

All in all, I think Mayor Hosni Bloomberg ENTRAPPED us into going onto the Bridge Deck (Roadway), then had some pretty decent cops doing PR, to make up for Misogynist, Chauvanist, and Sadist Commander Anthony Bologna (Tony Baloney), and his cruel beating & macing of 7 women, the previous Saturday. I've been in a huge number of "Holding Cells" over the past 64 years,and, usually, all you get is 2 slices of white bread, a slice of cheese, and a glass of water, or maybe some Kool Aide. The cops @ the 75th Precinct, in East New York section of Brooklyn, gave us hamburgers, and Cola. Go figgure.

We ARE making a difference. Indy Media, blogs, one on one conversations, and even lil photo stories are helping folks follow the Reeces Pieces, as they self educate themselves of the evils of our economic system, and 700 arrests have finally gotten the Lame Stream Media to pay attention.

I'm hoping to see all y'all , starting on Wednesday, Oct 5, to bring a large segment of WALL STREET's OCCUPATION to the politician-Puppets of Wall Street, who operate for the Corporations, in the Senate & House on Capital Hill, in DC, October 6th until ???

ENJOY these 199 PHOTOS

Bill Perry 215-945-3350, 215-945-1269
Delaware Valley Veterans For America
Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA

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