Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Stop whining and fix your mistake!

As I look around on FB today all I see is bitching and whining from the progressives.  I have to say that at this moment I would love to just bitch slap the whole lot.

If they would take more responsibility for their actions instead of putting blame on the President then maybe the Democrats could actually get something done.  Maybe the President wouldn't always have to compromise to keep this Country afloat. (I'm sure my parents who are republicans are grateful they will get their SSI checks and soldiers are grateful that they will be paid for serving this Country.  Most importantly we won't wake up to the worst depression since the great depression)

The progressives and Independents help put domestic terrorist in Congress during mid-terms.  The progressives stayed home and did not vote to teach the President a lesson. (Link is Ed Shultz and progressives part in the mid-term destruction of America)  The Independents voted for the teahadist to teach the President a lesson.  The teahadist are on a "mission".  Their only goal is to destroy Government and this Country.  They do not care if they are re-elected.  They are "suicide bombers" with one mission and THEY are your problem! You brought them to the President with your actions, he did NOT bring them to you!  

It's time for the progressives and independents to take responsibility for their words and actions instead of blaming the President for everything and calling those who support him names and accusing us of following blindly.  Come up with something original for God's sake...that line is getting old as is your bitching, demanding and whining! -Mem

Update: A friend just sent me a link and it is an excellent article for those who don't seem to understand how politics work.

Keep in mind that the Koch Brothers pay big money for Trolls.  They call themselves Green Party, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives (that's their favorite one) and independents to draw you in rather it be on FB, Twitter or other Social places.  When someone says "I used to support Obama BUT..." then it's time to find out who they really are...when they use words like...Obamabot, Blind Following, Celebrity Worshiper...  Don't be pulled in by these people...think for yourselves for God sakes!  Also keep in mind, for those who don't know this...the Libertarians ARE the Koch Brothers party!

Aug. 1 6:49 PM
I stated this on FB this morning and obviously need to say the same thing to my twitter friends but since there is NOT room on twitter, I'll say it here!  

I just lost my husband,  I'm still trying to crawl out of this black hole, have astronomical medical bills coming in, hanging on by a thread to save my home & my sanity & getting too old to care if I have hurt your feelings and you can no longer be my FB friend! Do what you have to!  I don't need private messages explaining your actions...just push the unfriend button or block button! It's that simple! -Mem

Aug. 5, 2011

I want people to know that I have many friends and family members who are progressive.  The difference between some who call themselves progressives and those I know and respect; they are not trying to divide the democratic party, they are not trying to destroy the President and they are not helping the tea party republicans win the election in 2012 with their words and actions!  The enemy is not always on the other side, sometimes they are standing right next to us!-Mem

Aug. 6, 2011  Some of us have always known this....
Finally, a pundit with a clue explains Obama to progressives

Aug. 10, 2011 From my FB
Firebaggers who love 2 blame Pres Obama 4 everything R NOT capable of learning a lesson. WI proved that it is much easier 2 vote a teathug in then 2 vote them out! The Pres did NOT put teathugs in Congress. Firebaggers did when they chose 2 teach him a lesson! U sold your souls 2 the DEVIL & now U want indep from Dems & 2 destroy the Pres?  

Don't bother to comment on this if you support a primary for the Pres because I don't have time for ignorance! You are helping the teathugs destroy this Country and I'm not in the mood to listen to your name calling or telling me I follow blindly. You are the ones who have become sheep!-Mem

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