Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


While One Brain Cell Sarah Thanks The Wrong President...Our Countries President Marches On With Grace And Leadership

Sarah just because you will not acknowledge that our "black" President is a true leader doesn't mean the rest of the world won't! You Sarah Palin are a Moron, A loser and a Has Been...move back to the Ice Palace where you belong! This Country is SO OVER YOU and your ignorance! -Mem

Lawrence O'Donnell
Ed Shultz
Sarah Palin made a speech, regarding bin Laden's death, on Monday. She thanked former President George W. Bush by name, but did not mention President Barack Obama's name once. She acknowledged President Obama, just not by name.


  1. though it hurts to say, I think Trump will ask Palin to be his running mate. ??

  2. Wendy I don't think that Trump has the money to run for President. Of course I'm sure that him and Palin will both set up an "Exploratory" site so that they can milk the cow for money then will announce that they are not running. Republicans are notorious for scamming their followers this way...Palin has already been doing it forever with her SarahPac and her followers are ignorant enough to support her financially while they lose their homes, cars, jobs and health...BUT she is doing well...and doesn't give those people a second thought...ever!

  3. She shows her immaturity and vindictiveness with pride and that'll be her downfall in the end.


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