Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


He Did Make It To The Top Of The Mountain!

I had posted this photo of the President quite some time ago on my blog because it is what I have always believed but our President has proven himself and my statement over and over again.  He had the courage and the wisdom to go after Bin laden and he has had the patients to put up with a Country still blinded by hate and racism.  I am predicting that history will show President Barack Obama as one of our greatest Presidents.  As promised in 2008 "We Will Never Forget" and not only did he not forget, he has remembered all of us with every step he has taken to the top. He has already accomplished more in the few years in office then any President who has served eight years, under circumstances that no other President has had to endure. Not only did he risk his political career for America but also he must endure threats against him and his family from terrorist outside of this Country because of the death of Bin laden.  He has had more threats to him and his family from home grown terrorist "Patriots" then any President combined!

If this Country would stand behind our President he could not only take us to the top of the mountain but to the other side and to the top of many mountains. 

He is an American Hero, a man with courage, morals and a love for a Country that doesn't deserve his patients, his turning the other cheek and his believing in us even though people continue to demonize him at every turn.  Those so called Americans who don't acknowledge what he has done, that he is a hero, are not real Americans in my opinion and should definitely find another Country to live in!-Mem


  1. thanks! i don't know if i saw this during the campaign. i sort of remember it.... but it's great to see it. gives some hope back during these times we see what is being done to those of us not 1% ers.... I may have my disappointments, but obama couldn't do this alone. he needs help from us and from congress.

  2. @Eileen I expect the tea party republicans to act like the "American's" they have but I am VERY disappointed in those on the left who have turned their back on the President. I have NO RESPECT for them! This President cannot, as you said do this alone especially with the party of no, the racist in this Country and those whose only goal is to destroy him. He is NOT God but he is making a change and people are to busy whining and crying because they don't get everything in their time frame to see this. The tea party republicans are just sheeple who follow the next up-coming idiot who has a star pasted on his or her head so I don't expect anything from them! I do expect something from those who are suppose to have more then one brain cell!

  3. I love this piece and I LOVE our President! He has been and done so many good things for our country. He has exceeded my hopes by enormous amounts!

  4. @Kat I am very proud of the President and I feel sad for those who cannot look past the color of his skin. People can say they are not racist and it is about his policies and I say Bull Crap! The media played a huge part in promoting the teapartyrepublicans by giving them a constant platform and with this gave the KKK permission to come out into the light of day! Shame on those who turned true journalism into a circus sideshow. They have contributed to the destruction of this Country!


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