Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


We're not crying wolf here!

The tea party needs to be treated as a third party!  The Republicans have no control of them, are afraid of them and painted themselves into a corner during the elections.  The tea party is not the small town grass root movement that they say they are.  They are the rich corporations and if this Country doesn't stand against them we will be without SSI and Medicare.  (The Death Panel that Palin speaks of...are her financial backers, the tea party)  How do you plan to live without SSI? (That you have worked for all of your life)  You are going to hand your SSI over to Wall Street to lose? (Doing that is called SSI privatization!) -Mem

Democrats Identify Tea Party Caucus As Key Threat To Social Security

A group of Senate Democrats has identified the new Tea Party caucuses in the House and Senate as existential threats to Social Security, and are aligning to create a bulwark against them. They're pressing President Obama to re-engage and get on their side of the issue, and they have some muscle in the form of their message guru, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

"We're not crying wolf here," Schumer told reporters in the Dirksen Senate office building after a meeting of liberal members. "This is a serious movement to undo the most successful government program in the 20th century."

Because of Republican victories in November, the new Congress has a significantly higher number of Social Security foes than the last one did. In response, a group of progressives, including Schumer, and led by Bernie Sanders (I-VT), have formed the Social Security caucus, to push back against efforts to slash benefits or privatize the program.

They'll need President Obama to have their back on this -- in part because some Democrats think Social Security benefit cuts are the way to go. On that score they're hopeful, but see room for improvement.

"I think he's mostly there, I would like to see him be even clearer," Sanders told reporters. "I would like to see him simply say what he said during the campaign...that he will not support cuts, raising the retirement age, or in any case privatization."

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) thinks exigent circumstances muted Obama to some extent, but that he'll pick up his game when confronted with a juggernaut of conservative support for gutting the program.

"In light of Arizona, in light of the seating arrangements and all that, the President didn't want to be as combative as he will need to be to beat back this effort with these [senators] starting this 'get rid of Social Security' caucus," Brown said.
Cindy Noble Cole  Texas has proposed cutting medicaid nursing homes budget by 33 percent. Medicaid homes are already seriously understaffed resulting in residents having skin breakdown, weight loss and early incontinance. This will result in the suffering and earlier death of the elderly

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