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I'm Shameless!

Since my handmade items and art are my only source of income y'all have to put up with my advertisement now and then but I promise it won't happen often. As some of you know we are trying to get our house and land ready to put on the market so I have most of my items in storage.  These two shops are pretty new and I have been adding a little at a time, what I have available at the house.  Take a look around, have fun and share if you like what you see.  You will find a link to my art shop on this site-Mem

 Shop at M-Bellished
M-Bellished's Austin booth, featuring 67 items, including Paris Shawl With Matching Garconnie’ Hat , Circle Of Life Earring & Necklace Set, Four Way Cowl/Hoodie, Rags Of Fun, Four Way Cowl/Hoodie, Chain, Chain, Chain- Earring & Necklace Set, Desert Bloom Garconnie' And Cowl Set, Nothing Says Couple

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