Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


What Would Karl Rove Want?

by Wayne Boese
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 5:27am

In this article, my premise is simple: determine what would Karl Rove want and make sure you do the opposite or at least not give any support to him or the Repug/TeaParty/NeoCons.

Karl Rove and the Republican Party with aid of the Tea Party and Screaming Talking heads of the Right including all of Faux News have specifically wrecked these harms on to the country and our political process:

  • They fooled Americans, by blatant lying, into two unwarranted wars.
  • They wrecked an economically sound economy.
  • They ran disingenuous Presidential campaigns.
  • They lost the Senate and House majorities, and then made a pact to derail Obama.
  • They have purposely put legislation at a stale mate.
  • They have set record attempts to filibuster.
  • Their sole agenda was and is to prevent recovery until they regain majorities.
  • They have so far all but provoked a Civil War.
  • They have encouraged unrest and Second Amendment remedies.
  • They have encouraged divisive unrest of religious freedom.
  • They have but openly denied Obama’s birthright.
  • They have supported doubt in Obama’s religion.
  • They have blocked any meaningful reform of Education.
  • They have blocked any meaningful reform of Health Care.
  • They have blocked any meaningful reform of Campaign Finance.
In short, they have disrupted any progress by encouraging division, hate, fear and racism and in many cases plain out lied.
Make no mistake in the murky world of Right wing politics, Karl Rove was, is and will be a major player. One of his most egregious acts was calculating the exposure of a CIA operative by the Bush administration, by any real definition treason. The list of scandals during Bush’s tenure is nearly endless and has been easily forgotten. Many of those scandals were designed to distract from far worse things occurring at the time. There is good reason why one of the best documentaries of the last ten years was entitled, “Bush’s Brian.” It was about Karl Rove. Without hyperbole, I consider the man evil incarnate.
Rove has made the first inroad into regaining power, the dividing of the opposition. Divide and conquer has been a stratagem from time eternal. Response from my previous article proved he has been very effective doing this. The far Left have felt betrayed by President Obama. Why? Because they have become convinced, he did not fight hard enough for the Left and their principles. In their own ideologist fervor, they forgot he was elected as a Centrist Populist. I will admit that was my first gut reaction as well especially when it comes to these so-called wars, BUT the rational thinking pragmatic side of my brain has allowed me to understand what has occurred. Obama has picked his fights, fighting only those he believes he can win. Why is it good for Rove to have the Left abandoning the President? For every voter that no longer supports Obama or his Congressional supporters that is one less voter Rove and Co. needs to get on their side.
When a group abandons a political leader to become some of his most vocal detractors, they are providing aid and comfort to the other side. I wonder in Obama’s case how much of this disappointment is based on wishful thinking. Many voted for him based on “Yes We Can,” without really looking at the details of his platform. I am concerned about those who claim he is merely an extension of Bush. I don’t know how any rational person can state that after witnessing the vitriol that comes from the other side. Many complain he and his administration have campaigned for Blue Dog Dems. The reality here is simple, without the Blue Dogs, even the watered down reforms we got would NOT have passed. This support is a thank you. The other reality is just as simple, in these states and districts Blue Dogs have the only chance of being elected. Majorities are needed to stop filibusters and overcome procedural blockades.
The mid-term General Elections are upon us. It is past time to be fighting for candidates and issues that are properly part of the primary process. I am asking all my fellow far Left friends to dismount their high horses and join us in the muck and manure of real politics. Vote for your Democratic candidates unless you are SURE the Green or Socialist candidate can win. I still wonder what makes the voters of Vermont so smart.
Just what would be so bad about the Republicans seizing power again, consider the following:
They claim to believe in competition but as far back as their sainted Ronnie Ray-Gun STOPPED the enforcement of Anti-Trust laws.
They rail against “Judicial Activism,” but Republican hacks on the Supreme Court gave us decisions on Bush v Gore and Citizens United v FEC that overturned Constitutional law in the first case and decades of precedent in the second.
While claiming to believe in smaller government, the government has grown bigger and more intrusive and all while running larger deficits under every GOP administration.
While howling at the top of their lungs about “redistribution of wealth” and “socialism,” they continue to redistribute wealth UPWARD at every opportunity.
Voters are only resistant to change when their bellies are full, there is a secure roof over their head and their job is secure. It is only missing any of those three makes one want change. We cannot give the Repugs that created the job situation the chance to blame Obama and the Dems to regain power and continue to make it worse.
Obama knows how to win, in the darkest days of the primaries he rolled his sleeves up and did it, unfortunately, I believe it involved some very poor horse trading and we’re left with the results. These will not change without pressure from the electorate. If he sees the Repugs regaining the House, it is NOT his fault, it IS the VOTERS’. It is common practice after the mid-term elections to ask for everyone’s resignation, let’s give Obama a reason to clean house and the support he needs to do so.
When you vote for a third party candidate, your vote is WASTED and Karl Rove will thank you. Job creation will be stifled and corporate profits will be UP. At the very least with a Dem you have someone that is starting down the right direction. It has taken thirty years since Ronnie Raygun took office to move to our current position from the days of FDR, JFK and LBJ; it will take more than a single vote for President to reverse this tide. Obama has kept a higher percentage of his campaign promises than any candidate has in recent memory. I believe we just applied our most radical hopes to “the change we need” without looking at the details. Let’s not give Karl Rove the opportunity to give us the same old shafting.

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