Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Gone Fishing!

Many of you may know that hubby and I have been remodeling our house for over a year now and it has become quite frustrating. We are so ready to sell it and move on. The picturesque little town with a river that runs through it is lovely and very Norman Rockwell but 16 churches and a tiny handful of Democrats is much more then we can handle.
If you are a Republican reading this you might want to buy our would love it here!

We recently bought an older motor home that we will live in until we know for sure where we want to land.
Tomorrow we are packing up our fishing polls and taking it for a road test. We will be staying at a beautiful state park near Austin, with lakes, boats and swimming. The kids and granddaughter are going to come and barbecue with us so we are both excited about leaving the frustration of here for awhile. We plan on being gone about 5 days but may decide to stay longer. We will be taking the laptop but don't plan to use it. This is suppose to be a vacation. Hubby will be taking me to computer rehab when we return home.

I hope everyone will continue the fight to keep the republicans and teathugs out of our government and please, everyone get out and vote!
Take a friend and remember♥Mem

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