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Sarah Going Crazy On FB-Claims She's A Babygate Victim

How long can Sarah keep up this lie? The fact that she has put herself out there for the religious right as the model mother and woman for this Country has become a joke! The woman has been caught telling so many lies that she can't even keep up with them anymore. This story does matter because she is putting herself out there for a possible 2012 Presidential Candidate! The media didn't even care that Fox accidentally outed her through her own daughters (Bristol Palin) testimony at the email hacker trial. Even many of Palin's supporters have asked her why she doesn't just present a birth certificate and medical records for Trig to put an end to the stories? So Sarah, why? Sarah and if you decide to ever tell the truth we would love to hear about your first Son and how about the story concerning Todd's business partner? Oh so many secrets Sarah! What a book your "ghost writer" could write if you ever decided to tell the truth!~Mem

Sarah Claims Babygate Conspiracy

Posted on July 26, 2010 by Jason Easley

Never one to let an opportunity to play the victim pass her by, Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to blast the media for what she called, “A dark and demented conspiracy regarding my son, Trig.” According to Palin, this is why she doesn’t talk to anyone but the friendliest right wing media, and she refuses to do serious interviews because the media is out to get her.

The Daily Caller, who Palin just happened to give a friendly interview to last week, has been selectively releasing, a.k.a. Breitbarting parts of the Journolist email exchange. Here is part of what was released about Baby Gate from August 2008:

Dylan Matthews

Aug 30, 2008, 12:21am

“Obama absolutely cannot touch this. Even if it’s true. I think the press would justify covering it on the issue of trust, but for me it’s offensive that she would refuse to allow her daughter the choice. She has no business deciding what to make of that pregnancy. If her daughter wanted an abortion, it speaks very ill of Palin’s character to deny her the option.”

Sara Mead

Aug 30, 2008, 12:24am

“A note to journolisters who may not be aware of this: “Downs child” is NOT an appropriate or sensitive way to refer to Palin’s son, who has Down Syndrome. Please use “people-first” language here. I’m not at all a fan of Palin, either, but as liberals and decent human beings, we should be respectful in how we refer to people with disabilities.”

Palin took to Facebook full of exploitation and victimization, Read More....

Dylan Matthews

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  1. Everything about this woman is fake, she will go down in the history books as if not the worst one of the worst persons to have had a voice in politics. There is not one good thing she has ever done and she could be around for the next 25 years.  She has at least one child willing to follow in her footsteps.  It's time we publicly  denounce mean, hateful, liars and send them back under the rocks they came from.  Her and her kind are very bad for the country and this madness has to end, or they will find out very soon it us who want to take our country back from these  greedy, hateful, bullies. 


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