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It's Time To Send Rupert Murdoch And The Arabian Prince Packing!

Unbelievable! Fox has lied out of it's teeth since President Obama announced his run for President! They have filled the minds of the American people with the koolaid of deception, racism, hate mongering, fear and violence and they have the nerve to want an apology. Why because they have gotten away with this for two years now. Not only have they gotten away with it but they have made their "journalism" acceptable and copied by others!

We have hundreds of video's and audio's proving their actions and yet it continues! When I walked away from the republican party and never looked back I did so in part because I was tired of the lies that fox was spreading and I was tired of the hate that was filling our Country! I was appalled by the racism they spewed day in and day out and they want an apology? In my opinion the best thing that could happen to fox is to get booted off the airways and out of the Country! ~Mem

Fox News Demands an Apology for Being Called Racist
Posted on July 26, 2010 Jason Easley

Fox News’ Brit Hume delivered a commentary on Special Report with Bret Baier, where demanded that the media apologize to Fox News for calling them racist. Fox wants an apology from the NAACP, Howard Dean, and Shirley Sherrod. Hume said, “You might think all this would be the stuff of further apologies.”

Video courtesy of Media Matters:

Hume said, “As victims of unfair media treatment go, Shirley Sherrod got off easy. Within 24 hours or so from her forced resignation from the agriculture department, she’s been apologized to, offered a new job, and later even got a call from the president himself. All of this the result of a truncated Internet videotape that made it appear she had once done less than her best for a white farmer because of his race. It was unfair, and the apologies were deserved, but the initial rush to judge Sherrod was not the only rush to judgment in this affair.” Read More...
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