Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?



RitterwebFmr. UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter on the RNC, Joe Biden and the Possibility of an Attack on Iran

In these last few months of the Bush administration, as we continue to discuss the war in Iraq and the possibility of an attack on Iran, we turn to a man who was a UN weapons inspector inside Iraq in the 1990s: Scott Ritter.We speak with Ritter about Iran, Joe Biden’s role in the lead up to the Iraq invasion and much more. Despite being a registered Republican, Ritter is backing Barack Obama.

Liebermanweb8 Years After Accepting Dems' VP Bid on Gore Ticket, Lieberman Attacks Former Party at GOP Convention

Senator Joseph Lieberman was given the headlining spot during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. Lieberman, a close friend of McCain’s, dismissed Senator Barack Obama and urged Democrats to switch sides and support the McCain-Palin ticket in November. Former senator and GOP presidential hopeful, Fred Thompson, also spoke.

BushrncwebBush: "Angry Left" Will "Never Break" John McCain
At the first full day of the Republican National Convention, President Bush addressed the floor via a satellite feed from the White House. During his speech, President Bush compared progressive critics of his administration with the North Vietnamese who captured John McCain and held him as a prisoner of war for over five years during the Vietnam War.

SieglemanwebFreed From Jail, Fmr. Democratic Governor Don Siegelman Accuses Karl Rove of Orchestrating Political Witch-Hunt

We speak to former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, currently free on bond while he appeals a conviction on corruption charges. Siegelman says he’s the target of a political witch hunt directed by former White House Deputy Karl Rove. More than sixty former state attorney generals have called for a congressional investigation into Siegelman’s case.

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