Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


When the "Media" says President Obama doesn't lay out a plan....

They forgot to add FOX PROPAGANDA to the list

“Despite all the resistance, despite all the setbacks, I've never lost sight of the vision we shared—that you would have a voice.”-Barack Obama

I have never understood this rhetoric by the media as I have heard President Obama's message and plan for this Country from the very beginning.  What you don't hear from the main street media (which should be a topic every single day) is the constant filibusters and obstruction of the tea party republicans.  You can't change a Country when you have a "house party" that fights against everything good for the Country just so they can put ONE "Black Man" out of a job!  You can't make change when you have "Sheeple" who have lost their homes, their jobs and have no health care but STILL fight their butts off for the rich! "Sheeple" who still fight for the same party that brought America down in the first place!-Mem 

In case you missed it! Nov. 1-2012 Green Bay WI
The tea party republicans are livid with Governor Chris Christie for working with the President and for praising the President because they have NEVER been about working with the President. They call themselves "patriots" but they should call themselves what they really are! "Domestic Terrorist"! (Tea Party Leaders-The Koch Brothers need their puppet Romney and they know Christie will not be a puppet to them or any party) The President and Chris Christie are doing what's right for the Country, coming together!

Mayor Bloomberg endorses Barack Obama for re-election!

Colin Powell solid for President Obama

Tweeted today 11-02-2012 by Chris Christie and I'm sure we all know he is talking about that idiot Limbaugh!  I loved it! 

I can't deny that I'm fat, but at least I got fat by eating lasagna and not by eating my own, like a certain radio talk-show host.

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