Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


I agree with Dan! This should be (IS) Treason!

I had posted this picture to my FB and my friend wrote this in the comment and I very much agree with him and think this should be brought up to the American people as well as ask where the media has been on this?-Mem

Dan Touse Add to this: > Perhaps more significant than the the above. the public should know that on the evening of 20 Jan 2009, as all of Washington was celebrating the Inauguration of President Obama, this prominent member of the House of Representatives andfuture candidate for the Vice President of the United States was engaged in a FOUR Hour meeting with 13 GOP colleagues at the plush Caucus Room Restaurant PLOTTING HOW TO DESTROY THE PRESIDENCY of the just Inaugurated President!!! They mutually agreed to do everything within their power to block or defeat any and every bill or initiative of the President - no matter how critical they might be to the National Welfare! They vowed to do everything possible to portray the President, his policies, and his party, in the most negative manner possible Upon exiting the meeting, participant Gingrich commented this meeting initiated the defeat of President Obama. A few weeks later fellow participant Pete Sessions of Tx boasted they would need to adopt Taliban-like tactics to confuse, disrupt, and defeat the Administration. It is hard to construe this as anything less than TREASON! One would think it would be impossible to nominate let alone vote for such a sleeze!

But what I find troubling is that Democrats, Progressives, & progressive orgs like MoveOn and the whole host of others, & the Media ALL Knew this & DID NOTHING. Most of the participants are up for re-election and this most Damning event is not even mentioned. No commercials! No Outrage! I urge FB-ers & orgs to try to raise this issue now. The participants:

GOP Reps

ERIC CANTOR [Va] Kevin McCarthy [Ca]
PAUL RYAN [Wi] Pete Sessions [Tx]
Jeb Hensarling [Tx] Pete Hoeksta [Mi]
Dan Lungren [Ca] 

GOP Senators

Jim DeMint [SC] Jon Kyl [Az]
Tom Coburn [Ok] John Ensign [Nv]
Bob Corker [Tn]

Misc GOP Freaks: Gingrich; Frank Luntz McConnell [and Boehner] were not present at this meeting - they had other issues with Luntz - but were fully complicit. Before leaving the GOP, the late Sen Arlen Spector attended the 1st post-Inaugural GOP Caucus meeting and stated the Leadership was commanding its members to block every Obama initiative. Vice President Biden essentially confirmed this when he reported Eight former GOP Senate colleagues approached him to apologize that they would not be able to help on any issue because they had strict orders from McConnell not to! There are 2 days left... get the word out - Vote these bastards down

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