Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Just A Heartbeat Away From Being The President....

Rev Al call's it Joe's "Malarkey" Smile
No silly!  We are not talking about Sarah Palin.  We are talking about Paul Ryan!  I think he can see Canada from his back yard!  Remember when that thought (just a heart beat away) scared the hell out of everyone and John McCain lost to Barack Obama?  Once again ask yourself this very important question. If  (God Forbid) something happened to a President who would you trust to take that person's place and lead this Country?  Joe Biden who has been helping the President for almost four years already or Paul Ryan whose mentor has been Ayn Rand? AND women this question is especially for you!  Would you rather have Joe Biden,who drafted Violence Against Women Act, OR Paul Ryan, who voted against it and tried to redefine rape?  

The republicans thought Mitt Romney was strong when he rudely bullied Jim Lehrer and continually interrupted President Obama with flat out lies.  BUT yet they scream like little babies or girls at a tea party when Joe Biden interrupts Ryan for distorting the facts.  The republicans are sobbing in their pajamas's this morning that Joe was rude because he laughed and in their words smirked!.  When someone lies to me I do the same thing (I laugh) or I call them what they are, a liar!   Trust me Joe was being polite with his laughter! Had he not been laughing, Ryan would have been sobbing at his own tea party and that my friends would have been a "Big F'ing Deal!
Full video of debate

Ryan did not want to be called Congressman Ryan so Joe respected that and called him my friend instead. (I thought was an Obvious point being made by Joe)  And how many times did McCain call President Obama my friend and did anyone have a problem with that?  My last thought...I should have been playing my own drinking game and had a drink every time Paul Ryan took a drink!-I would have been smashed but obviously not as uncomfortable as Ryan!

I think this is VERY important to clear up! What Paul Ryan Got Wrong About Libya Security During VP Debate

Joe calls Paul Ryan out on the stimulus fund!


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  1. This was a comment on my FB and I thought very much worth sharing for those who have been set in a state of panic by the GOP!

    Dan Touse- btw, Social Security is NOT bankrupt! It is NOT "going bankrupt!" It CAN NOT go Bankrupt...BY LAW! If Congress DOES NOTHING between now and 2037 the SS Trust Fund will be exhausted. At that point it will continue to pay 70% of existing GUARANTEED Benefits for 75 yrs... without further delaying eligibility,means testing, indexing, etc. These recommendations are advanced for one reason: to destroy Social Security. There is a deliberate attempt to eliminate the certainty [ie - security] SS provides, because once those Guarantees are eliminated it would lose public support. There is NO crisis in Social Security. There is no need to force the elders to make further ... "sacrifices" which inevitably would only further impoverish them...


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