Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


The Democratic Convention Is Rocking!

Update Sept. 6th, 2012

Amazing Convention!  Remember if you missed it go to the link below to see it all. 
Obama/Biden 2012 
We Still Have Hope and Know We Are Still Moving Towards Change!-Mem 
"We were so young, so in love,so in debt!"-Michelle Obama
2012 Democratic National Convention
Charlotte, NC September 4-6th

This has been an amazing convention and it's only the beginning.  If you have missed any of it or want to hear some amazing speeches, you can find it all right here! 

Sept. 5, 2012 Highlight of the Convention
I loved the tribute to Senator Kennedy so wanted to post it.
But if you want to get right to the part where they show the debate between Kennedy and Romney here it is. Romney hasn't changed much...still saying whatever he thinks will continue to pay for his big boats and keep the flow of money going into his overseas accounts.
Update Message From Joe Biden

Mem, (I donated, will you?)

Tomorrow night I'm going to take the stage at the convention and tell everyone about the Barack I know.

I've seen him pushed beyond measure, faced with gut-wrenching decisions that affect the lives of millions of Americans.

But Barack has a backbone like a ramrod. He always stays cool and calm, and he always makes the right choices. Not the easy ones, but the right ones.

The other side wants to turn us back, and it's up to you to make they don't get that chance.

Just think about how disastrous the consequences of inaction will be, then step up today with a donation of $9 or more.

Our work together is not yet done.

Help finish what we started by pitching in $9 or more:

I hope you'll tune in tomorrow night.


P.S. -- Didn't the First Lady knock it out of the park last night? I'm excited for my speech tomorrow and for the President's -- we'll make the case for why we deserve four more years to keep fighting for what's right. But this week is about you and all the work you've been doing to get us here. Thank you for that. Donate $9 or more today.

The REAL Difference
Update-Sept.5 2012
Bill Clinton Rocks The House

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