Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?



The Palin's! Chick's Poster Child
I don't think anyone has a problem with "your freedom of speech" or "your love for God".  I think people have a problem with your hypocrisy as a "So Called Christian".  People like you fight to keep the un-born safe, taking away others freedoms and yet you donate thousands, even millions to hate groups like "kill the gays".  People have a problem with those who fight for an un-born life but support through their words and contributions the killing of those who are alive and already exist..

Wouldn't the thousands you donate towards ending a life or a life style you don't agree with be better served going towards the many starving children in this world?  Wouldn't those donations be better served going towards a homeless family living in their car?  Wouldn't those donations be better served going towards a families medical bills or funeral cost who has lost someone because they didn't have health insurance or a military family whose loved one is fighting for your freedom?

If you are going to live by the Bible then you should also donate to groups who "kill those who judge others", "kill unfaithful spouses", "kill un-wed mothers", "kill men who spill their seed" and "kill those people who bear false witness".   You get the picture!

Oh wait, you already have the perfect poster child....I mean doesn't the Bible say somewhere, anywhere...Thou Shall Not Profit From Your Sins?  I'm sure it has to say that somewhere so Chick-fil-A why don't you let your beliefs, hypocrisy and hate begin with yourself and your own poster child? -Mem

Real Friends Don't Let Their Friends Vote Tea Party Republicans! 
(Don't make me show you a picture of your brain on hate!)

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