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A Country Without Health Care

Kevin, I miss those times that you would reach for my hand in the cold of winter. I miss those times that you would reach for my hand in the heat of summer. And I know that your short life can't reach the dawn of spring, but in heaven, you will reach me with your wings. ( Edited by Mem) 
It's All I have To Hang On To
We would have been married 10 yrs. today and together almost 11 yrs. Last night I thought about how we had more hours of talking time in then most couples who have been married 50 yrs. It hurts my heart that some people only took notice of our rough times and never looked at the many days, nights, hours and years we spent cracking each other up. But I will always know the life and the fun we had together.  Our camping trips were always the best, especially in your Dad's old RV.  If people only knew of the many hours we spent pretending to be artist; painting and sculpting into the wee hours of the night.  Comparing our work, laughing at each others projects and yet, we were always each others greatest fan.  It would take me a life time to put into words what these past 11 yrs. have meant, how they changed my life and the things we did together, but before I met you a year seemed like forever, after you time passed by so quickly and I just wanted it to slow down, I wanted more time.

I thought about how I looked forward to meeting you in the bathroom each morning for our cup of coffee and our two hour meeting about everything, especially politics and now mornings can be some of my loneliest hours.

Broken Hearted
In Memory Of Kevin McDermott
Sept 1957-June 2011
Last night I laid in bed and thought about us and the past 11 yrs. and I wept as though it had happened yesterday.   I cried for what I have lost.  I cried for the time you so wanted on this earth and lost.  Most of all I cried because I am afraid that I will forget the sound of your voice.  I'm afraid I will forget the sound of your laughter, the touch of your hand.  I'm afraid that the memories will begin to fade and you will slip away forever.

I wanted to write something to you these past 8 months but I  really didn't know how to put this kind of sorrow into words  and sometimes it just didn't seem like enough. So I put it in a painting, knowing I am not a "real" artist, but knowing you would be my greatest fan!  I love you and miss you everyday Kevin!   ♥Mem

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"Promise me you'll never forget me because if I thought you would I'd never leave.”

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