Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Sarah's Christmas!

Twas a few days before Christmas in the Palin house and not a dysfunctional child was stirring, not even Todd the louse.

Sarah set in her footie pajama's all sprawled on the floor, waiting and waiting for that knock on the door.

Papers were scattered where she had re-written her speech a thousand times of Family Values and Christmas Trees.

All that was missing was The Obama Christmas Card for Sarah to make her grand entrance... but waiting was hard. 

Then in a flash she received a text, she sprung into action and everyone knows what was next.

She tied her family to the sleigh, shouting on Todd, on Trig, on Bristol and out of wedlock Grandchildren too!

Snapping her whip, screeching and howling Sarah guided her sleigh towards the Fox Propaganda Zoo.

She jumped into action with her bouffant hair, knowing her followers would love anything she chose to wear.

Placing a halo above her head she climbed onto her pedestal all decked out in red.

As she spoke of family values Murdock fell on his knee, the ice queen was back for the whole world to see.

WH Christmas Card
She didn't like the warm, inviting card with Bo sitting by the fireplace!

Poinsettia's, a "black" dog and a few gifts were of poor taste.

"How dare the President not show a Christmas Tree!  This makes him an evil man you see..."

Never mind that the White house is loaded with Christmas Spruce...

It's obviously been overlooked by this Alaskan Douche!

No, the White house Christmas Card was nothing like her Pagan Holiday!

No Christmas Tree, Expensive Gifts or a Santa Sleigh.

As she winds down her rant and hopes this will get her on the news again, we hear a ho ho ho coming from the camera man...

"That's a wrap, lets call it a night"  Sarah pipes in with "last person out turn off the effing Christmas lights!"

Back at home again in the Alaskan cold, Sarah sips on a bottle of vodka with her boy toy Toad.

They watch the taping over and over again, cozy fire burning, Sarah ensures Todd that she's the man...

They share warm memories of their cheating days but it wasn't so long ago as to leave either of them in a Christmas haze!

The night is filled with a happy Pagan Flair and that Katie Couric moment, Sarah Palin's Empty Stare!

They make A special Christmas toast, smooching up to their money cow,  The religious right...

"To the End Of The World and a Dark Silent Night!"

Yes, the Palin fireplace is adorned with plastic American flags and in the corner stands a fake "made in China" Christmas Tree....

So Merry Christmas Palinbots... from the Palin's and their Fake Christianity! 

by-Mem McD -Christmas 12-22- 2011 (I couldn't help myself and yes, I have resorted to childish rhymes to tell the truth about Sarah Palin! You're welcome!  Oh and sometimes it's just hard to find any other word that rhymes...) *Wink

P.S. I think it's safe to say that Sarah would also send this message to her "faithful fooled"!   "Don't send any stinking Christmas Cards unless it's "pac'd" with money!"

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