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Confessions of an “Obamabot”

by Leisa Simone on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 3:13pm

Over the years, I've been called a liberal as if it's an insult. I've also been called a libtard, a Dumbocrat, a hippie, a socialist, a tree-hugger, a bleeding heart, a gay-lover, etc. And I've embraced each one. All these were directed at me from people on the right.

Now I find out that I'm an Obamabot. That's someone who defends the current President of the United States, OUR president of OUR country. But this time, it comes from the left.

I embrace that word, too. But let's examine what this “mean-spirited” insult actually means.

An Obamabot is someone who may disagree with some of the decisions our president has made, but at the same time, knows and understands why they were made. And we support him for them.

An Obamabot is someone who remembers how the president extended the Bush tax cuts to protect the unemployed from the GOP. Look it up.

An Obamabot remembers the hysteria from the left in April over the rumors that the president would defund Planned Parenthood as the GOP was demanding before they'd agree to stopping a government shutdown. An Obambot remembers those two words the president said to Boehner that finally put the issue to rest as Boehner demanded funds to Planned Parenthood cease: “Nope. Zero.” And Boehner was forced to back down. Look it up.

An Obamabot is perfectly aware of the president's very long list of achievements and lauds him for them. And damn if we're aren't proud to say he's our president. Look them up.

We also know a president can't create jobs. That's the responsibility of Congress, including a House that has struck down every, single job creation bill put before it and has yet to propose one of their own. Look it up.

I've been been asked about these issues over and over. These and Gitmo and Libya and why we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan and why the president hasn't helped the black community as if they're some kind of segregated society and dozens of other things.

And this proud Obamabot has something to say after explaining all these things over and over and then over again: do some of your own research! And keep in the back of your mind that Barack Obama was a known centrist long before 2008. He was never a liberal. I knew that when I voted for him. Why have so many others forgot? Or did they just assume he was a liberal because of his skin color and never bothered to check? That type of bigoted ignorance is not his fault.

Why do so many complain that the president managed to get affordable healthcare passed while not closing Gitmo? Had the opposite happened, I have a feeling these same complainers would be whining about not having universal healthcare while he concentrated on closing Gitmo. As for federal marriage equality RIGHT NOW, are you kidding me? With a GOP-led House?

A robot is something that obeys commands. It moves in the directions it's ordered. It has no ability to think and is incapable of locomotion on its own. All movement is automatic. Whatever “emotions” it displays are actually extensions of its controller's emotions. If the controller says “Jump”, it doesn't ask “How high?” It asks nothing. It just jumps to the height it's programmed to reach.

An Obamabot thinks for itself. It's intelligent and informed enough to look deeply at a situation and – while it may not agree with the outcome – it knows why that outcome was reached. It has knowledge on its side.

So to all the robots out there who let the media contort them and push them down a right-angled cattle chute as that same media uses terms such as “unnamed sources” and “our experts”, I ask them to take a long, hard look at themselves. They've forgot the past. They're not doing their own research. They're not thinking with an open and unbiased mind.

If any of that sounds familiar, it's because – as we all know -- that's how the Tea Party works.

And feel free to call me an Obamabot. I now consider it a compliment.

Leisa Simone, who's looking forward to even more hopey-changey

  I'm looking forward to even more hopey-changey as well Leisa!-Mem

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