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Vets Rally: Sarah Palin 'Not Invited'

Organizers decry Rolling Thunder appearance as 'big distraction;' event emcee says he invited her

By Polly Davis Doig,  Newser Staff

 (Newser) – Sarah Palin is launching her East Coast bus tour tomorrow during a motorcycle rally to honor veterans, but some organizers aren't happy about it. "She wasn't invited," Rolling Thunder organizer Ted Shpak tells MSNBC. "She's not invited to speak. We're not endorsing her ... (but) we can't stop her from coming to ride, if she wants to ride." Palin's people counter that they were invited by former board member Mike DePaulo, who's emceeing the event.

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DePaulo admits he didn't tell Rolling Thunder's leaders, but tellingly says he coordinated the appearance with "the Palin campaign." And that is Shpak's problem: "We're not political. This is not a political event ... Maybe she's coming because she knows we have a half a million people in town and thinking she can start her [campaign]?" says Shpak, calling the whole issue "a big distraction."


  1. Of course she's running. And of course Fox will continue to pay her under the table. AND she'll funnel every red cent from her PACs and she'll lie about the President. Incessantly. She'll complain about the press...either too much or too little coverage. It will be a nightmare of epic proportions (sorry, Sir Webber) and we will be the unhappy recipients of her rantings. GOP, can't you control this Frankenstein you created?

  2. The rest of the world laughs at her too. And then at u the US for  giving her such a  platform.

  3. Tellit if Fox and the rest of the media was not giving her a FREE pass as well as a platform then the rest of us would not waste our time on her.  As long as they are giving her a platform then we will give the truth about her a platform.

  4. That was a typo-- I did not mean  you.(u) . that was an extra letter.. I agree with you and meant to say that the world laughs at her and the US too. 

  5. LOL Wendy...thank God but see I got to say why I give her a platform because of your typo.:)


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