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Perhaps This Is Why Sarah Doesn't Seem To Have Strong Emotional Ties To Trig Palin (Poll)

Okay, that is just a guess on my part and I don't even know if this story is true and have not read it but some say they got it right.  But I have long speculated that one of the reasons that Sarah does not act like a doting mother to Trig is the simple fact that she is not his mother.  I have, along with many people speculated that she is in fact his grandmother.  I have also thrown out the "what if" to friends throughout the Palin saga that Trig is in fact Todd's baby and the Palin's agreed to raise him.  (Sarah of course only agreed for political reasons and with stipulations that real mother never comes forth)

Well, that is my assessment on this...what do you guys think? By the way, I haven't seen Bristol lately, although sources says she is living with her boyfriend in her new house in Az.  But this is what she's been doing for money in case any of you are concerned about how she's making it on her own.
Who Is Trigs Birth Parents
Bristol/n Levi
Todd/n Sarah
Sarah/n Unknown Hookup
Todd/n Unknown Hookup
Bristol/n Unknown Hookup
Poor Little Piper

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I wanted to respond to a comment but before I did I had to add this picture that I keep going back to.  I think this picture tells it all and always has.


  1. I think that Tri-G is Todd's and an unknown woman. I used to think he was Bri$tol's. I still think that may be a possibility. But with the facts coming out about Todd visiting prostitutes, backed up by Lev's comment that they don't even share a bedroom, it's all too obvious.
    The way $arah has always treated Tri-G has been disturbing. No Mother of 5 children would treat her youngest baby (with special needs) like a rag doll. She never shows any affection towards him. In fact, she always looks like she is pushing him away from her.
    Also, why doesn't she use her celebrity to Advocate for people with Special Needs? If this were her child, I'd bet my last dollar she would be. She acts as though she could care less about that poor baby. I hope the real truth comes out, not to take down $arah, she has already done herself in. But for Tri-G, so that he may have a shot of having a happy life where he is wanted and loved.

  2. Mary I am very torn on this because like you, I feel really sad for Trig. I added that last picture because it always seems to be the one that gets stuck in my mind. To me it says it all. I have had children so I know what a baby bump is, breast getting larger, butt looking wider, a little beefy. The stomach is taut, not flabby when you have a baby bump, just like in the photo. This picture was taken when Sarah supposedly would have been pregnant with Trig, not when Bristol was pregnant with Tripp.

    I am sure that I am not the only one who has thought of this but MANY families are dysfunctional and the more we have gotten to know the Palins, the more we see just how dysfunctional that family is, so Todd and Bristol both come to mind. There I said it and almost got sick but this kind of stuff happens all the time. I'm not saying this is a fact, I'm saying it is a guess....

    Also Bristol comes to mind again because of the genetic factors. Sarah has a sister with a DS son.

    "About 2/3rds of translocation occur spontaneously during fertilisation. The translocation is hereditary from one of the two parents in 1/3rd of cases. In this case we have the only form of DS which is linked to a genetic factor from either the father or the mother. The parent who is the carrier of this is normal, but two of his/her chromosomes are united in a way that the total number of his/her chromosomes is only 45 instead of 46. It is important to identify, through the child's karyotype the presence or not of partial trisomy 21 due to translocation because if one of the parents is a carrier the chances that other children with DS can be born into that family are higher. So, it is advisable that the parents, the other children without DS and the blood relatives of the carrier parent have their chromosomes mapped. So, in conclusion, we can say that the chances of a brother or sister of someone with DS having children with DS are only minutely higher than those with no case of DS in their family, and concern only the form of translocation. Therefore, it is important to determine whether the brother/sister has got this form and, in this case, whether they are healthy carrier."

    So even though in answer to the poll I said Todd and unknown source because that has always been in the back of my mind....I still feel like Trig belongs to Bristol! With that being said where is the baby she was carrying during DWTS? I have a theory on that as well. I think she mis-carried while the show was being taped...again...just speculating...


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