Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Note To Tea Party Republicans: This is what happens when you cheat "the people"

BREAKING NEWS: Wisconsin Democrats just announced that local activists submitted over 100% of the signatures needed to "recall" Republican state senator Dan Kapanke from office!
After local officials certify the signatures, a new election will be scheduled for Kapanke's seat. Today's news will send shockwaves throughout Wisconsin, and it gives huge momentum to efforts in other Senate districts to gather recall signatures.

See the new ad that's inspiring people

Our new ad -- made with our friends at Democracy for America -- has received widespread media attention and praise for capturing the magic of this recall movement.

Airing the ad more on TV will give air cover to the ground troops who are doing such great work locally -- including many Wisconsin PCCC members who are out gathering recall signatures.

We've raised $150,000 so far and can expand our ad buy when we hit $200,000. Click here to chip in $3 and keep the momentum going!

(Or you can click here to make calls from home to Wisconsin voters -- holding Republicans accountable.)

Thanks for being a bold progressive,
-- Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Jason Rosenbaum, Michael Snook, Amanda Johnson, and the PCCC team

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