Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Flash Back To The Famous Wizard Of Oz....

and the Wicked Witch Of The West....."I'm fading....I'm fading..." 

Now with that being said I think that this has more to do with the Shailey Tripp incident then it does running for President.  I have been convinced for months that Sarah has been living in AZ and not in their home in Alaska.

Remember when she got really quiet around Christmas time?  Basically it boils down to what's good for Sarah (you know the whole affair thingy) is not good for Todd!

The good news is Sarah is fading from the hearts of those who once loved her and all those men who thought she was so hot.  Read about that in links provided at end of story!-Mem

A nude photo scandal and allegations that TODD PALIN used dirty tricks to help SARAH become governor of Alaska threaten to destroy her 2012 Presidential bid - AND their marriage!

An upcoming tell-all book by a once-loyal Palin aide contains such a damning portrayal of Sarah's husband Todd that it could cause the couple to divorce, say sources.

"The Palins' marriage was already shaky, and this book is so scathing regarding Todd that it could cause Sarah to leave him," said a source familiar with the manuscript.

Sources say Palin, 47, is desperately trying to discredit former confidante Frank Bailey, who plans to publish a blockbuster book titled, "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years."

There's no doubt that Bailey has intimate knowledge about the Palins, say those who know the couple.

"Frank Bailey was so close to Sarah that he knows where all the bodies are buried," declared Dennis Zaki, an Alaskan journalist and photographer who has covered Palin since her political career began.

In one bombshell, Bailey reveals Palin's husband Todd didn't seem to blink an eye when a doctored nude photo of her popped up during her gubernatorial campaign.

When told about the photo, Todd, 46, asked only if it was real, Bailey says.

Then the "First Dude" just laughed and hinted that snapping a nude photo of his wife would be easy since their house had so many windows and she walked around with her robe open, according to an insider familiar with the book.

While Bailey says he'd have been horrified if there were naked photos of his wife, Todd didn't seem to care, said the insider.

"Sarah will be furious when she reads about Todd's reaction," said the source.

Bailey also says he worked with Todd Palin on the infamous "Troopergate" scandal, orchestrating dirty tricks to trash Sarah's former brother-in-law, an Alaska state trooper involved in a nasty divorce from Sarah's sister.

"This is a massive scandal and Todd had a huge part in it, according to the book. If she takes too much heat for Todd's conduct, her only option may be to leave him to preserve her political career," said the source.

Even while Sarah was running for governor, the couple's marriage was shaky, according to the book.

"The only love they shared was the love of Sarah's career, and everything they did was aimed at Sarah's public image," the source says. "Todd and Sarah stayed together solely for political purposes.

"Sarah once told Bailey, 'We're not like normal couples, Frank. We don't talk.'"

With excerpts from the book leaking out, "Sarah is preparing a counterattack to try to discredit Bailey," said Zaki.

"But Bailey has revealing e-mails in Sarah's own words. She can't dispute his claims."

Sarah is fading.....
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