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You can take the girl out of the trash but you can't take the trash out of the girl!

Is anyone surprised that Sarah Palin would have a fake FB account?  Yesterday a group was bombarded by a slew of I love Sarah Photo's and Obama is a quitter Photo's.  The person was a HUGE Palin lover...hmmmmm

PoliticusUSA  writes about Sarah Palin having a fake FB account.  I'm sure they would also find one or two at twitter.  I would say that Sarah, Bristol and Willow probably all have their little fake accounts so they can attack, swear and give everyone who doesn't like them the big middle finger!  I did search this name on FB and the profile picture is now blank, no one home, so I am assuming Sarah was tipped that her identity as "the masked grizzly" had been outed and she quickly vanished into the night!-Mem

Sarah Palin Trolls Facebook Under Fake Name to Like Herself
February 22, 2011 Sarah Jones

Lou Sarah likes Sarah Louise lots and lots!
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This is so sad it’s almost time to put away the Palin bashing, even though she’s a vicious, cruel person who’s so incompetent and obsessed with her own myth that she’s ruined just about everything she’s touched. Still, this is sad.

Sarah Palin’s email address was recently revealed and that email address led the Wonksters at Wonkette to do liberal things like investigate if there was a Facebook account associated with it. Sure enough, the Grifting Queen of Mean and Democratic Slayer Sinner does have a Facebook account under that email address….and its purpose is to “like” Sarah Palin stuff.

I kid you not.

I dunno, somehow I can’t see Ronnie Reagan making up a fake Facebook account so he could like himself, but then Ronnie had that steel spine and Lou Sarah has…um…that massive insecurity and need to pretend to be popular like so many of her fans. Be kind to the kids, people! Junior high is tough.
I LIKE my shoes too! There purdy aren't they?-Mem

This Facebook account is “Lou Sarah” – a clever and un-hackable turn of names from Sarah Louise Palin. So unguessable! So clever! What does she read, indeed! Give her the codes already. Sheesh. All this talk about meritocracy gets old. So what if her Yahoo account that she used for all of the secret state business she wanted to shield from freedom of information requests was hacked because she um, well, used all of her own bio as her password information….stuff that was available on Wikipedia.

Lou Sarah also likes celebrity spawn and Jesus worshipper Bristol “go f-ck yourself, haters!” Palin. Lou just thinks Sarah Lou is awesome. I sure hope that’s catching on with the gang, Lou, ‘cuz you know, things aren’t looking so good for you right now.

I mean, if by “good” we mean America doesn’t hate Lou Sarah, the masked Internet troll. What next? Will Lou Sarah be getting her own voter ID card? Oh, I kid the ACORN impaired Fox pundon’t.

We mustn’t forget that Sarah Lou, Lou Sarah is the GOP’s best and brightest and she’s a runnin’ for Prez in 2012! She’ll get us all back then, when she puts crosshairs on the half of America that she blames for her own failures. Oh, wait, that’s all of America, because she hates Republicans too.

Maybe just the AIP Birchers will get off in PalinLand, land of the hunted and destroyed innocents.

Lou Sarah likes this idea. But most of all, Lou Sarah likes Sarah Lou.

Thank you Sarah Jones and PoliticusUSA

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