Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


The next time Sarah Palin tells you she is following the Will Of God....

....think about who you are supporting and trusting to speak for God! -Mem
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  1. So you disagree with President Obama's religion?

  2. I disagree with Religion period! Religion and legalism is Man Made, NOT God Made! Religion is mans way of controlling the masses with fear and rules. I believe in God and I don't need a church to tell me how to believe in him. Take Fox for instants. You have all these people working side by side who hates each others churches and religions but they have come together...up out of the churches because now they have a common cause....take the country back from the black man! They are those the Bible talks about that will rise up out of the churches...the false prophets who will be dressed in sheeps wool...I know all you religious people think the false prophet is someone in the world but isn't that rather a silly notion since it's not those in the world who would be mis-led...they don't's the sheep, those in the church who will be their own....By the way...maybe you should look into true prophets of the Bible....true prophets NEVER spoke for God in the name of money and profit!

  3. So you disagree with President Obama's religion?

  4. So you disagree with President Obama's religion?


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