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Was the Arizona shooting JUST an inconvenience for Sarah Palin?

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I have a theory or let's call it a what if....The media talked about how quiet Sarah Palin was after the AZ. shooting until she made her famous "It's all about me speech"!  But in reality many of us noticed that Sarah had been pretty quiet since her return from the Haiti Photo Opt.  I think it's because as always Sarah has a reality show happening in her home that she is trying to keep under wrap, control, manipulate and change to fit her needs.  Kind of like the little Trig incident.  (Just one of many stories online about Trig Palin) *See Update

What if she is scheming a way to bring on the new arrival.  What if...Bristol has had the baby or will be giving birth at anytime?  Excellent reason for Bristol Palin to do a fund raiser in Texas for the Orphan mission. 
(google words in red)
Bristol Palin coming to the Brazos Valley January 22 - Texas for ... 
Bristol Palin to speak at Bryan event | Bryan/College Station ...

I can hear the Palin's announcement now.  "After visiting an orphanage in Texas and doing a fundraiser for the Orphan mission Bristol decided that Tripp needed a baby brother or sister and so many children need a home so Bristol has decided to adopt." (throw in a wink*) (prepared remark by Bristol recently when she said she was anxious to have another baby) Was this admitting (mistakenly) to being pregnant or planting a seed for the big scheme?

Then there is the matter of Willow....oh dear Sarah must be busy....
WILLOW PALIN PREGNANCY SHOCKER - Celebrity News | Gossip ...   

Then of course there is Todd who is rumored to be making some big bucks off Sarah for staying with her until she gets to the top.  Rumor has it that until John McCain asked Sarah to run as VP the couple was getting a divorce.  
Sarah and Todd Palin to Divorce: True? Rumor or Do We Really Care ...  

and now...rumor has it that Todd is having an affair....or two?  
The Wasilla “Springer” Show Much Better Than TLC Tripe      

Awe come on...don't feel sorry for Sarah...she is not a victim here...Just ask her oldest son Track...and Todd's business partner...
McCain Camp Battles National Enquirer Over Alleged Palin Affair   
(they were right about John Edwards)

I don't know for sure if any of this is true, (except the fund raiser) or if none of this is true but what I do know,  Sarah Palin is never a victim!  My guess is the silence came from Mama Sow being busy on the home front trying to micro-manage her cubs and papa Boar. I think the shootings in Arizona, along with having to make an insincere apology  was only a huge inconvenience at this point in Sarah Palins life. I mean seriously folks...she's trying to  become the next President...she has people, places and situations to tie up.

I can't help but think if Sarah were in the middle of a campaign and someone questioned it on FB, Bristol and Willow would automatically jump on their page and start calling them a faggot or commie.  I'm pretty sure that if Sarah were to be asked why she would like to be President of the USA she would have the same answer that Bristol had on DWTS.  "Because it would be like giving the BIG middle finger to those who don't like me and my mom! (family)"-Mem

Why Sarah Palin Used the Term Blood Libel -Great Article

Update: Jan. 21, 2011 Todd Palin Affair

Update: Jan. 23, 2011 
Okay so Bristol did the event in Texas and it is quite obvious that she has thinned way down since DWTS.  So I suspect that she has had the baby and it has been quietly tucked away until her big announcement of adoption! OR as one time during DWTS and I think I mentioned this in my blog, she was having an emotional breakdown and went to Alaska to spend a day or so with Tripp because he was up there with the Palins for whatever reason.  I had mentioned that I thought she might have had a miscarriage, which would suit Sarah's plans because they could then keep it hushed hushed (like everything else in their lives).  Part of the reason I felt this is because of her sudden trip and the fact that Tripp was in Alaska.  I also noticed and I think I mentioned this as well that after that week, Bristols dancing changed.  Before she never moved a whole lot and certainly was never thrown in the air like other dancers, etc.  After that she was suddenly moving more and was even being lifted, etc.  As for Sarah probably wanting Bristol to do the show, my guess is because she assumed that Bristol might have a miscarriage and this way it could be an "act of God" instead of an abortion.  (But never the less an act between them and God) 

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