Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Trick OR Treat?

One writer started this whole thing of "lets have a month of silence about Sarah Palin."  Well, I think not!  Yes, Sarah's silence has been like sweet music to my ears and indeed has been a treat!

With that said I have some advice for the media.  Take this time to talk about the real Sarah Palin, instead of the Rock Star you have turned her into with your  incestuous need for train wrecks and ratings. (see updates)

While the left has taken a vow of silence all over FB and elsewhere, the right continues to use her as though she is the voice of authority on all things Country.  (Not to mention the right must be ecstatic about our vow of silence at this point or should I say time of meltdown in Sarah's life)

Start telling the truth about the snake oil salesman who uses God, Country and Family to make a buck.  Tell the truth about an angry woman who has no remorse (still to this day) about the AZ. shootings and made herself the victim and has no intentions of cooling the rhetoric or taking it down a notch.

Her hate alone for our President is beyond obsession and you hear it in every word she speaks about him or first lady Michelle Obama.  Her hate for him is written on her face every time his name is mentioned or she utters the word "Obama" "The President".
Talk about the woman whose marriage is falling apart! Talk about how she would love to make herself the victim in the latest rumors about Todd but she can't or they will bring up her affairs. (and John McCains campaign spent a lot of money trying to keep that under wraps in 2008) Talk about her failed reality show, a failed book, a failed photo opt in Haiti, kids that are out of control, sneaking boys into their bedrooms, swear like little sailors and move in with a guy named Gino in AZ.  (Although from the looks of the background in the video with Greta last night it looks like Sarah, Gino and Bristol are now roommates)  Talk about all the damaging emails that are going to be made public in May.

Remember, while the media has gotten you to be silent about Sarah Palin, her supporters and Faux are still trying to keep her the shining star!  Her silence may be golden but ours is not!  Truth and Facts about the real Sarah Palin is the only thing that will make her sit down and shut up! -Mem

Thanks to Tracy Knauss for sending this picture.  Goes with Palins rant on the Greta show last night.  You can see the video in the link Angry woman mentioned above.

Updates: Mem Via FB-Well if anyone can teach kids how to have sex it would be Bristol Palin. Not only that she can teach them how to live with your boyfriend Gino in AZ and still be paid big bucks to talk about NOT having sex! Just talk to the teapeeps and repubpeeps because they will believe anything and pay to here it!-Mem
Bristol Palin, the oldest daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has been selected as the keynote speaker to talk about sexual responsibility at Washington University's "sex week" next month. The St. Louis, Mo., university plans the week each year "to start an open sexual dialogue, encourag

Now the breaking news below is the reason I won't be silent because the power of NO, works! Bravo to the students at Washington University for saying NO to the Palins!  My hat is off to some very intelligent students!-Mem

From ABC News: Washington University in St. Louis says Bristol Palin won't be speaking there next month after all.  The decision comes after some students expressed outrage over Palin being paid with student-generated funds.

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