Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Sarah you can read your script but you are not getting a free pass on this one!

Sarah you can have RAM or any writer you want to write all the words in the world and you are still going to be guilty.  You can try to remove the blame from  yourself but you are still going to be guilty!  You can use the name of God all you want but he knows how guilty you are for this and so much more! You can act like "we" are all responsible for your hate, your invoking violence but you are the guilty one! You can act like only the shooter is responsible for this tragedy but not even words, flags, and a nice fire place behind you is going to change the fact that you are guilty!-Mem

You know folks, I think what has made me so angry and not willing to let this go is the reactions of her fans and followers. They started Jared is a hero group (taken down) they have said that Christiana deserved to die because she would grow up to be a liberal...their hate continues and she was only concerned (Palin) about taking the negative responses about her down. Those other statements were left up for hours and could still be up...this is why I am NOT willing to let this go or give her a free pass!

Someone had posted on my FB that she should at least go to the funerals, etc and this is my response to that....

No one wants Sarah laying plastic flowers at any site in AZ and I am sure the family members do not want her anywhere around. She has been silent only because she is trying to micro-manage (rumors?) of Todd's affairs, (rumors?) of two daughters pregnant, failed show, failed book and now this! This has been an inconvenient incident for her and that is all!-Mem

I am getting a lot of responses to this on my FB but I especially agree with what Eddie Q had to say. (we were discussing the fact that Palin probably doesn't even know what blood libel means.  I'm sure Palin doesn't care what it means as long as it makes her sound intelligent.  That's what her writers get paid for.) The term "blood libel" was used by Nazis describing desecration, ritual murder, and other largely anti-Semitic fables to demonize the Jews. Obviously she is not aware of its actual historical implications. This might not sit well with people who are Jewish, like Rep. Gabby Giffords.

Interesting point by another FB friend: Frank P.

Mem My FB Buddy Jaime G. Asks:

June 2010, David Letterman makes a joke about Bristol Palin, the Palins go postal on Dave. Daves's words really mattered to the Palins, then. (was that Bristol or Willow?)

November 2010, Sarah Palin tells people to re-load, and puts crosshairs on Congresswoman Giffords name, who gets shot. According to Sarah Palin, her words don't matter now, and refuses to accept... responsibility.

Sarah Palin, You are nothing but a despicable human being.

I'm sure that Sarah has made sure that all of her faithful fans on FB see her new video but I can't see her page so I'm just assuming it's much like her Twitter announcement but she's allowed more words. (I just did a copy and paste)

Sarah Palin
America's Enduring Strength Sarah Palin's intentions may have been to shift the blame away from herself with her fiery criticism of the media, accusing reporters and pundits of manufacturing a "blood libel." Instead, it's put her on the hot seat again for being insensitive to Jews.
Now she knows how President Obama has felt since she first walked onto the stage and invoked hate, racism and violence! He has had more death threats then any President in history.-Mem

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