Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Members of the Republican Party want "Obamacare" for themselves but NOT the people!

Republicans just passed a bill to repeal affordable health care for 32 million Americans -- but most are still receiving heavily subsidized federal care. Call out health care hypocrisy by sending Representatives who voted for repeal the actual form to cancel their own federal insurance benefits.

*By the way for those of you on the right who don't know it! It's called Obama Cares! (cont. video)
Using a procedural tool called the motion to recommit, Democrats forced Republicans to take a stand on whether or not members of Congress should receive federal health care benefits. The measure would have made repeal of the health care law contingent on more than half of all members of Congress opt
When Nancy Pelosi was asked if she thought Congress should give up their Health Insurance she said yes!  YET, the republicans are not willing to give up their BIG Government "Obamacare".  Why aren't the tea party members and the republican people screaming about this?

If you want them to repeal your chance at health care, why are you NOT bothered that they get "Obamacare"?  I mean isn't that what you call it?  That's what they are getting and they want to repeal so that you don't.  You are okay with that?  If so, paint yourself ignorant!

President Obama has said many times that we are all entitled to the same health care as the members of Congress but the GOP feel that only they and their family members are entitled to BIG Government Health Care. In answer to those men who ho-hummed about, we the American people are your employers and I do not want to pay your salary or your medical care until you are ready to work and do the right thing for those you work for!  It is NOT just the republican people who pay your salary and your medical care! I as an American have the right to have the same health care and I would like to know...since when does an employee make more then the person he works for?-Mem

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