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Concerned Democrats or Adult Crybabies ?

by Ramo Tringo
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Literally, a crybaby is an infant under five years old, who cries when he/she wants something or can't get what he/she wants. Today, there are thousands of adult crybabies (who call themselves Democrats), because they didn't get what they wanted from President Obama. (Although he has achieved more in under two years than Bush did in eight).

Apparently they haven't yet noticed that the man they elected in 2008 is the same man today. The man who chose to become a Community Organizer working with the grassroots and downtrodden, instead of seeking a more lucrative job in a reputable law firm or as a corporate lawyer. They expected him to adopt Republican qualities and become cold-hearted, self-serving, uncompassionate, selfish, vindictive, revengeful and mean.

However, he has maintained his principles and values, his love of humanity, his care and concern for his fellow man, his integrity, honesty and humility. He understands what it's like to be poor, lacking basic necessities. That's the reason he chooses to do what's right as opposed to what's popular and risk jeopardizing his Presidency, instead of neglecting the needy unemployed.

These crybabies are now acting like the Teabaggers who they so strongly despise. They seek self-gratification and demonstrate a lack of compassion towards their fellow man. They allow Republicans and Fox to be their guiding light in morality and humanity, chastising and denigrating President Obama for taking the side of the unemployed instead of going after the wealthy tax cuts which no one criticized for eight years because it was unpatriotic to criticize anything Bush did, even though most of what he did was detrimental to the country. Now they give themselves the liberty and authority to crucify President Obama because of his genuine concern and desire to feed the families of millions of unemployed Americans, instead of eliminating tax cuts for the rich earlier than two years.
A Good Deal 

This is a comment that was left on Ramo's post about this article and I thought it was excellent and felt it should be added. 

Dike Obioma Matthew

Exactly Ron!! Here's a post I put on Rachel Maddow's wall to counter some other 'aggrieved Dems'. Let me know what you guys think:

"The Dems RAN AWAY from EVERYTHING they accomplished these past two years with Obama! They campaigned on NOT...HING they did! They were playing 'nice' with Conservadems (who quite possibly damaged the party brand by their staunch opposition) by NOT voting on THESE SAME tax cuts before the election (it might have saved some seats if they did!) These Democrats in 'competitive districts' treated Obama like the bloody plague and avoided him to death . . .

And you want to talk about Betrayal!??

It fair to say many in the house and Senate betrayed HIM and have BEEN betraying him from the START!

Hope you'll excuse me if I don't give a rat's @#$% about the whining Dems right now . . .!

Blanche Lincoln VOTED for the Bush tax cuts, SHE ran from him to stay in office, SHE opposed the Public Option . . . WHO is SHE to act all high and indignant about the Bush tax Cuts???
(Thanks Lawrence O'Donnell! I checked out what you said the other night with her voting record etc . . . & it's TRUE!)

And Obama Betrayed the Democrats???

Max Bacchus INEXPLICABLY 'shut out' the other more progressive member's of the committee he chaired and 'forced the issue' with three Republicans who were NEVER going to vote for it anyway & who DAILY slammed what they were supposed to be working so closely together on . . . some raised MONEY off of their 'opposition' . . .! Mr. Bacchus had the momentum at his back, ALL the other committee's came out of conference before summer WITH a Public Option. This man decided to unbelievably echo the GOP pretend 'concern' about 'talking to the American People first' . . . and adjourned for the summer. THAT DELAY gave the GOP enough time to organize and bombard the air waves, disrupt town halls with all sorts of bull@#$% with the ferocity, tenacity and intensity of a swarm of angry bees . . . leaving the President somewhat taken aback. Bacchus by THAT MOVE gave the 'enemy the upper hand' and wasted so much of Obama's political capital. To make a long story short the Public Option's chances were 'poisoned' fatally NOT by Obama . . . but by recalcitrant SENATE DEMOCRATS and Blue Dogs in the House!

And Obama Betrayed the Democrats???

AND ALL throughout the last Two years OBAMA ALONE was left to sell the Democratic agenda while these chicken S@#%$ in congress & the Senate did NO PITCHING or barnstorming of any note. It's Obama versus an ARMY of ELECTED Republicans who were on every show they could get on to along with the usual batshit 'personalities' from Television & Talk Radio! They who rode in to massive majorities on HIS COAT TAILS did NOTHING to help him out in a tough time . . .!

And Obama is the ultimate betrayer??

Why weren't there MORE Democrats on to counter them??? Messaging and packaging; the message war is everything! Why did they cede that ground to the GOP?? Obama went ALONE, UNSCRIPTED into a televised meeting with the GOP, HE barnstormed the country taking questions, He did every manner of interview and show to counter them . . . but the other Democrats did not help out . . .

And you want to talk about Obama Betraying The Dems?

The Democrats forced Obama into corner by their INACTION and timidity in pursuing the Democratic agenda aggressively and swiftly and not having enough balls to tell the Conservadems & Blue Dogs:

"Listen: You want to Caucus with us . . .? You have to play ball! Period."

WHY was that so hard???

But Obama Betrayed the Democrats right . . .???

Yeah. Ok then . . .!"

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