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Selah This Is One Of The Reason's I Voted For President Obama (video)

Selah,when I started this blog for you it's because I wanted you to know what was happening as you were growing up.  You are 11 now and I am so proud of you.  Your maturity, your ability to bounce back from the things life has handed you and the compassion you have for others amazes me everyday .

I know what it is like as a child to be different. My difference came from our religion and many times as a child I wanted "the world to stop".  I wanted off and as an adult I felt the same way for many years. Selah,  my differences as a child caused me to do things as an adult that might never had happened had I been accepted by others.  I got through it though and these kids didn't.  This breaks my heart and saddens me to the deepest level for those kids and their parents.  It's hard for a child and even an adult to see that it's temporary...things will get better and sometimes things feels like it gets worse...but you survive and you become strong.  You find that you made a difference by sticking around...

With all the suicides we have had recently from children being bullied I am so proud that our President has stepped up and shared his feelings about this.  He is a very compassionate and caring man.  God blessed our Country with this man and hopefully when you are older, racism and hate will no longer exist.

If you ever see another child/teenager being bullied report it.  If you are being bullied tell your mom or dad, tell another adult.  I love you my sweet Selah and I hope as an adult, when you are looking back on this your life is good.  I hope you are happy and have become everything you chose to be! Stay safe and know that I am always here for you!-Grandma Mem

* I decided a few months ago to open this blog for everyone's children and grand children so if you love a child share this video with them.  If you would like leave a message for your own children or grand children in the comments below.  I know that we all have our differences and you may not agree with my blog or it's message but we should all agree that children killing themselves is not right.  We should all agree that if we play a part in that as a parent or a child it is not right. So don't be ashamed to leave a message for your child or grand child.  Their future is what we make for them. -Mem
This message goes out to the adults who still suffer and those children who suffer now! 
Don't suffer in silence-Mem

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