Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


My Comment Was -Progressives Need To Stop Their Whining

This was a great comment on this subject on my FB and I wanted to post it along with this Rolling Stones article which was the topic!  The Case For Obama

by John Hannaford

This election is way beyond Democrat / Republican politics... forces that gained so much during the last administration at the expense of America do not want to give up the power they held. from the start of Obama's administration
(which ...ironically has been moderate not liberal, and seeking bi partisanship solutions) have targeted the choice of Americans with obstruction, attack, relentless propaganda, outright lies, A constant barrage and drone of falsehoods through extreme right-wing editorial media, false organizations with names that make them seem legitimate, and carefully cultivating hate and lunacy from every dark crevice of uproar - fear - ignorance -and worse as a population to work - manipulate - and unleash, side show distracting issues, secretive pacs, multi- billions directed to this uproar... all to thwart, bring down, create division, to divide and conquer... to retain their gains at the expense of the American people, and to American democracy.... Obama was in office only 33 days when the Koch brothers and Dick Armey started the Tea party movement (despite some peoples belief it was grass roots) so it obviously had nothing to do with Obama's policies or governance. Despite any issues utilized as to lure any person of any perspective these forces do not give a damn about jobs, your health, your rights, your personal civil guarantees under the constitution, a fair minimum wage, Your social security benefits, your Medicare, mortgages lost, bankruptcies, the size of government, the military, or financial issues... they did well while 650,000 thousand jobs were lost each month, their one trillion dollar deficit causing tax cuts did not create or innovate anything. But they grew in unregulated power, they grew as they gave your jobs and manufacturing away... they are as we speak pressuring the Chinese government to prevent Chinese workers from organizing for their health, safety, and wages.... they want to continue milking them at the expense of American jobs and financial health... Do not fall for this protracted attack on a wealth of progress that has been made. Economic indicators have grown for each month Obama has been in office, This turnaround is from the impending depression that the Republicans handed all of us. It takes time.... and all economists will tell you jobs are the last to recover from a recession, and this one was no mild one. But we can't allow America to be taken backwards, to social engineering of religion, civil rights, and personal freedom, and a corporate imbalance under the guise of all of these false issues... It is only about power, greed, and extremist ideologies. become an activist, vote, and get others fired up to vote.

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