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Digging up bones....

It seems to me that Alaska has it's own terrorist.  Looking from afar you wonder just how many bones are buried in Alaska?  If you really pay attention and are not star struck by the fame and riches of the Palins (who got that way from their loyal fans who are struggling to put food on their tables)
you would see the need for control this couple has and the great desire to destroy whomever get's in their way.  I say that lightly because I think it goes way beyond desire.  I think in their case they fulfill any desire they have , by any means.-Mem

Todd Palin Sent Joe Miller Angry Emails When Miller Didn’t Say Palin Is Qualified To Be President -

After Alaska’s GOP U.S. candidate Joe Miller didn’t praise Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be president when asked about it on a talk show, Todd Palin fired off an angry email to Miller and other.

“Hold off on any letter for Joe,” writes Todd Palin, according to The Mudflats. “Sarah put her ass on the line for Joe and yet he can’t answer a simple question ‘Is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President’. I DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS.”
“Joe, please explain how this endorsement stuff works, is it to be completely one sided,” the e-mail continues. “Sarah spent all morning working on a Face book post for Joe, she won’t use it, not now.”
Todd Palin’s missive ends with: “Put yourself in her shoe’s Joe for one day.”
“Shoe’s”? Miller forwarded the email to his spokesperson Randy DeSoto and three others on September 22, adding: “Just found this in my inbox.  This is what we’re dealing with. Note the date and the complete misconstruction of what I said. Holy cow.”

What set Todd Palin off was a September 19 exchange on FOX News Sunday.
On Sept. 19, Miller was asked on Fox News Sunday if Sarah Palin was qualified to be President. Miller, an attorney whose shocking win over incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary was fueled by Palin’s enthusiastic endorsement, declined to comment.
“I am not going to get distracted by other candidates,” Miller told the show.

Update: Let's look at this post since it has video's and a little more info as well.-Mem

On August 20, Sarah Palin endorsed Joe Miller in the Alaskan Republican senatorial primary, which Miller went on to win.

Yesterday, Alaska-based progressive blogger Jeanne Devon released what she said was a leaked e-mail from Sarah Palin’s husband Todd to Miller and Sarah Palin PAC treasurer Tim Crawford. In the e-mail Palin appears to respond negatively to Miller’s non-answer after Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked him during a September 19 interview, “Do you think that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president, and would you like to see her run?”

In the e-mail, Palin says:
Hold off on any letter for Joe. Sarah put her ass on the line for Joe and yet he can’t answer a simple question “is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President”. I DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS.
Joe, please explain how this endorsement stuff works, is it to be completely one sided.
This raises a few questions and concerns about Sarah Palin and her role at Fox News. For instance, here is Palin touting Joe Miller during an August 30 appearance on Fox News’ Hannity:

The e-mail from Todd Palin, if authentic, seems to confirm that Sarah Palin is at least doing some early work towards running for president in 2012, while being employed by and regularly appearing on Fox News as a political analyst. At the same time, Palin is promoting candidates like Miller on-air at Fox, and according to the email, her husband at least seems to expect that when asked (by a Fox anchor) if Palin is qualified to be president, they should be answering in the affirmative.

If that’s the case, it would mean Fox News is employing and promoting a presidential candidate while also providing a forum for endorsements of Palin by candidates she promotes on Fox News. There isn’t any way such an arrangement could remotely be considered ethical.

And it gets even worse. According to conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain, a source “close to Palin” suggests that the e-mail was leaked from within the Miller campaign by what McCain calls “Huckabee loyalists” in order to discredit Palin. That would be Mike Huckabee, possible 2012 presidential candidate… and Fox News analyst/host.

Combined with Fox parent News Corp.’s donations to the Republican Governors Association and the Republican-leaning Chamber of Commerce, this is ethics quicksand.

Update: Oh no, it looks like Palin's gave old Joe another chance to endorse Palin and he couldn't do it...he did a lot of talking with a quick "sure she's qualified" because he was being pressured by blondie to endorse Palin....another letter coming from Todd?

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