Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Wild Ride and RVing With The Republicans

As you all know we left for a four day camping trip in our used RV we had bought. We bought this RV so that when we sale our home we can live in it until we find the right town, the right jobs. We don't ever want to buy a home again before we have a chance to check out the situation. Big mistake on our part.

I followed my hubby in our little truck because this was his first time to drive a class A 33' and I was not real trusting of his abilities to handle it. I have night blindness so we always try to get to our destination before dark. We were 2 miles outside of Bastrop and hubby was going about 75-80 miles an hour as it was getting dark. I was quite a ways behind him at this point, not being able to see very well. Suddenly I saw the RV come from the right lane, over into the left lane of traffic and come to a sudden stop.
When I got up to the RV I saw black skid marks all over the road and the RV was in the middle of the medium which was soft grass. (this was a four lane highway) The RV was tilted and looked like it was going to tip over onto it's side. I pulled off onto the medium behind the RV and turned on my flashers. After the dust and grass settled down we realized he had a blow out and the tire had exploded tearing off most of the area around the motor home where the tire is. The rim was bent and mangled. There were also 10 wires cut by the engine that had wrapped around the break pads. It was extremely scary but thank God with all the traffic, the speed he was going and the size of the motor home no one was hurt and he did not roll it. This happened at 7:45 that night and they were not able to get a wrecker to tow us for three hours. It took them until 1:00 in the morning to deliver us the 2 miles to a Wal-Mart parking lot where we spent the night. They helped change our tire and so the next morning we were able to drive the extra mile to the state park. Spent the next two days looking for tires and rims and cleaning up hubbies britches....big grin...not really but close!

My kids, granddaughter, niece and her boyfriend came out for a Barbecue and we did end up having a wonderful time. We spent two extra days because it was so relaxing and we didn't want the rich people to get our spot when we left....smiling at this point.... (left to right is my son-in-law, daughter and my son)

Now, the real story happens once we get to the camp grounds. This is the political part of the blog. We got there early in the morning so we were able to get the best spot. Not long after we got set up we started seeing huge, fancy RV's and fifth wheels pulling in with matching vehicles. These were $200,000 set-ups and we later found that Exxon Mobile was having a big get together. It was obvious that most of these people were not hurting for money and we discussed that as we set with our old RV a
mong their high dollar toys.

The third day was even better. This was a large group that came from the big oil rig areas of Texas. They were all retired and the age that both spouses would be collecting SSI. This time they arrived in million dollar RV's with matching hummers and the fifth wheels with matching trucks. They would get up every morning in their designer clothes and go golfing.

We looked quite out of place and the only thing we had that they wanted was our camping spot.

I have been mad at myself since we got home because I should have taken pictures for the repubs and teathugs! Those of you who are losing homes, have no jobs, no health care but are fighting your asses off so that the rich can continue to live the life style in which they are accustomed. I could tell that these folks appreciate your sheepleness, your ignorance and your fight for them and are doing quite well!

I have only one last thought for the those of you in this category...I hope you and your family had food on the table this past week and that your children did not go hungry or without a bed to sleep in. I hope that you find away to explain to them someday why they went without while you fought so hard for the rich! -Mem

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