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My Intentions Were To Be Silent...

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Un American? Me? The Straw has been Kevin Collier on Friday, September 10, 2010 at 7:22pm.
Almost severely injured a man today, and probably would have gone to jail. I was at the local grocery store, getting some things for dinner tonight.
While in the checkout, a man that was in front of me decided to strike up a conversation about the recent story of the wack-job Pastor of a church burning the Koran. He was obviously all for it, and then tied in the mosque/New York fiasco as well. He kept talking to me, anticipating that I would react favorably to his arguement, which in my opinion was completely out of line, discriminatory, and filled with hate. I of course, responded that I felt that the Pastor was a complete wacko, that this wouldn't be a story in the first place if it wasn't for the Right Wing bringing it to the forefront and tying it with the mosque fiasco, and that I would appreciate it if he kept his hate inside.
Then he did it. He said the words that would cause me to almost pummel him into a pulp, and spend the night in jail instead of drinking beer in front of my firepit while listening to the Cardinal game. That fucktard had the audacity to say that I was "Un-American". Seriously? Me? Un-American? I immediately filled with rage, and told the gentleman that I was going to move to a different aisle for his own safety, and that it would be best if he didn't open his fucking mouth until he had left the store. He proceeded to continue to egg me on, and raise his voice as I went to a different aisle. Thankfully, the cashier had gotten the manager involved, and I waited until I saw the douchebag get into his car before I left the store. You see... I really wanted to drink beer around my firepit tonight.
So of course, while driving, I thought more about what the moron said.... and continued to be filled with rage. I may not be a perfect husband, employee, brother, son, friend... but do not question if I love my country. Do not question my loyalty when you are espousing words that go against what this country was founded on.
You know what? The first documented Muslim was a dutchman who came to New Amsterdam (New York) in 1630. The oldest muslim community in America was established in 1921. There are over 2 million Muslims in America. Over 5000 muslims serve in our military and many question if the number could be larger because servicemen and women purposely held back their religion because of fear of persecution.
So here we are coming on the 9th anniversary since the World Trade Center fell.. and we have some wacko in Florida who says he belongs to a church (the church in Germany has disowned them) whose website is basically filled with nothing but hatred for muslims... they actually have a shelter for women who wish to escape Islam.... and he wants to burn the holy book, the Quran. Of course, when the story first broke, people thought "Crazy fucker" and didn't give it much thought. However, then we have people who are so called leaders taking this and tying it in with the mosque building in New York, and try and say that it's Obama's fault. So then the media gets involved.. Other wack job wingnuts don't do the RIGHT thing, which is denounce the fucker, but they politicize it.
Never mind the fact that shit like this is the reason why muslims across the world hate us. Never mind that stuff like this could get our troops (some who are muslim) killed. Never mind the fact that those who flew the planes into the Trade Center Towers were a part of a group that had a loose relationship with their faith, that they were so radical that even other muslims and muslim countries don't support them.
Well, I've got an interesting theory for you.... I theorize that there is a portion of our citizens who are becoming just as radicalized as those who attacked us 9 years ago. These people are so radical, that no matter what you tell them, if it doesn't conform with what their leaders have said, you are promptly shot down, shunned, and what could be an intelligent debate turns into a yelling match--that even if you tell them that you don't wish to continue discussing, they continue to berate, judge, and try and put the blame on somebody else. This group is right under everyone's noses, although they talk in public as if they were born again, and full of virtue,those who read between the lines know that their motives are not so pure. They are in power right now, who would rather espouse hate on tv rather than actually put the country ahead of themselves, and their group. This group started out actually ok, and has now been twisted and morphed into a group filled with racism and discrimination by the more vocal of them. The person who dared call me Un-American is most certainly a part of this group.
Well here's the deal. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of hearing from these people. I want to hear from the silent ones of their group. I want to hear from those who are intelligent, who have values, who believe that this country is the greatest country in the world, and yes, we need to fix some things, but we are not so egotistical that we refuse to have an intelligent discussion, and do nothing instead of compromise. I want to hear from those silent ones who have great ideas for our country-- who care about our children, our jobs, our elderly, our sick and less fortunate, our economy. I want to hear from those who are willing to roll up their sleeves, work with people that they may not agree with on some issues, and get stuff done.
I'm done with Glen Beck. He's a fraud. I'm done with Sarah Palin. She's worthless. I'm done with John Boehner. I'm done with Newt Gingrich. I'm done with Charles Krauthammer. I'm done with Bill O'Reilly. I'm done with Rush Limbaugh. I'm done with those people who continue to put themselves above the country. I'm done with those who say things that go against what our country was founded on. We are a melting pot. We are made from many races, religions, creeds. WE are supposed to be a tolerant country. We are supposed to be a country of freedom. We aren't supposed to be a country that forces somebody to hide their religion when they VOLUNTEER TO SERVE THEIR COUNTRY! We aren't supposed to be a country that actually gives creedence to a wack job who chooses to burn a holy book of another fucking religion! These people I listed above... they are the leaders of this new terrorist group. These people are the ones that others should be questioning if they are AMERICAN.
That being said, I am an AMERICAN. I love my country. I am in debt to those men and women who have fought all over this world protecting my freedom. I am thankful to those lawmakers, judges, Presidents who have written meaningful legislation that gives me the freedom to bear arms, the right to vote, the right to say what I want, the right to practice whatever religion I want, the right to protest something that I oppose. I am thankful that I have the chance to pursue happiness. And being that I'm an American, I turned the other cheek on that gentleman today. And to those leaders of the new terrorist group here in America... I drop my trousers and show you both cheeks.

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