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More Exciting Palin Babygate

The media may not want to touch this story for various reasons (some explained at babygate) but most of us want to know the truth. I have never thought that Sarah gave birth to Trig but Babygate is one of the most intriguing blogs online right now. Lord how I would love to be a fly on the Palin's wall! For those who missed it Palin admitted (because she is a little slow and didn't realize what she was saying) that she has had to change her behavior since the Joe moved in next door! Ya think Sarah? *Wink! ~Mem

Monday, August 2, 2010

Questionable Press

There has been a lot of discussion lately concerning the avoidance by the MSM of asking about or investigating the Babygate issue in any significant manner. As far as the embarrassment factor for the press goes, I think it is time we all just face the facts: what the press is doing, they are doing on purpose. Yes, they are deliberately avoiding Babygate, but they are also avoiding any issue that might actually begin the downward spiral of the media cash cow and gravy train. The more likely the issue might have some genuine effect in removing this cash cow from our television screens, the more it is avoided by the media. Here is a large, random list of many such questions, ranging from very moderate to powerful in their range of possible effect. If any of these questions have actually been asked at all, then they have either not been asked often enough, or of the right people at the right time, or the person asking the question has simply accepted a stupid Palin answer without delving further. Here we go.

Are you saying, Mrs. Palin, that your water had broken in Grapevine TX, and when you were planning to fly home, that Governor Rick Perry offered you and Todd the use of his private jet to return to Alaska in comfort and safety, and instead of taking him up on his generous offer, you chose to fly home via commercial air in which you changed planes several times? Did you not imagine the horror and embarrassment of even the slightest possibility of being forced to give birth in the First Class aisle of a commercial airliner? Did you consider the impact on your child, whom you have stated that you knew in advance would be born with Down syndrome? What if other passengers on that flight had been caused severe inconvenience or worse if the flight had been re-routed due to the birth of your child? Would you not have been embarrassed to read this in the national press? What if someone, a teenager or a person of less than honorable scruples, had taken a picture of you giving birth and sold it to the tabloids or put it on the internet? Would that have not been a severely embarrassing situation for a sitting governor?

Let's talk about your home on Lake Lucille. Some people have alleged that certain building materials on your house were exactly the same as those used on the Wasilla Sports Complex constructed while you were mayor. Can you answer these allegations? Do you have paperwork to certify that all your home construction projects were properly paid for and carried out? Speaking of the Sports Complex, records show that there was quite a dispute over the land the building was constructed upon, that the land was not yet completely owned by the city when construction began. Can you clear this up for us a bit? Documents show that this error cost the City of Wasilla a small fortune for a town of its size. Do you think that extra cost could have been avoided?

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