Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


How I love recording history! Here's To You Sarah!

Shameless Sarah Palin Exploits the Death of Ted Stevens for Self Promotion

Palin’s Facebook tribute started off well, “It’s with great sadness that Todd and I hear the reports coming in of Senator Ted Stevens’ passing in the plane crash near Dillingham. In our land of towering mountains and larger than life characters, none were larger than the man who in 2000 was voted “Alaskan of the Century.” This decorated World War II pilot was a warrior and a true champion of Alaska.” Read More....

Now comes the history of Sarah Palin! Will she throw you under the bus as she did her children and employees? Hell yes! Will she use Ted Steven's then scrub his endorsement when it looks like it might hurt her? Hell yes! Here is the proof!

I would also like to add that as an ex-republican there was a time I greatly admired this man. In time I began to realize that I did not agree with any republican politics. With this being said I am saddened for his families loss and that of Alaska. I know that he did fight hard for that state and my thoughts go out to his family as well as other families who lost those they love in this tragic event.~Mem
"It is not accidental that Palin just happened to pay tribute to Stevens in a way that showcased her issues. Palin has now proven that she does not possess even the most basic social grace; she can’t even honor the dead without lapsing into self promotion. I guess she was showing restraint. She managed not to plug her reality show or her new book, but only she could turn a tribute to Ted Stevens into Facebook infomercial for Sarah Palin Inc."

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