Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


When Is It Enough?

The minute Sarah Palin nodded when a man in the crowd yelled "Kill The N*****" during her VP campaign? The minute she invoked hate and racism as well as violence? The minute Fox told their very first lie to invoke hate and racism? The minute Joe Wilson shouted at the President Of The US "You Lie"? When does the media as well as the White house say this is enough? When do these people get called out for what they are? The time is NOW before America has another great tragedy! We cannot be silent! We must call these people out and we must call the media out and make everyone accountable. Fox and Rush should be held accountable for their blatant lies and invoking hate and racism in this Country. The rest of the media should be held accountable for not calling these people out but jumping on the bandwagon for ratings instead! When is it enough America?~Mem

[WARNING: Audio not safe for work.]

Violent, racist haters among the tea partiers? NAACP gets death threats which proves it's point.

It's obvious why Andrew Breitbart successfully smeared Shirley Sherrod on utterly fake grounds -- he wants desperately to prove that it's the NAACP is actually a racist organization, after its condemnation of racism within the Tea Parties. Indeed, this has been a long-running schtick of Breitbart's -- that the "real" racists are not white people, but people of color.

He was even on CNN yesterday whining that "It is un-American" that the NAACP accused the Tea Party movement of racism "absent evidence".

Um, actually, Andrew, the NAACP provided plenty of evidence of racism within its ranks.

And then, as if to prove the point, a caller who clearly is an angry Tea Partier left the following message at NAACP's Hollywood bureau:

Caller: Of course you won't answer the phone yourself. Because you're chickens--t racist n---ers. The entire black race is nothing but a have-not bunch of bums. You can't work for yourselves. All you do is suck off the white man. F--k you, motherf---er! F--k you! You want a race war, you got it, motherf---er! You want to f---ing kill our babies, and kill white people? You, you're gonna f---in' -- the streets will run red with blood. The streets will run red with your blood. F--k you!

Not only was this caller severely lacking in the logical consistency department -- first he calls the NAACP racist, then embarks on a rant about "the entire black race" (in this regard, he's a lot like the typical Fox pundit). But the reference to "kill our babies" and "kill white people" was also an obvious reference to that incendiary video Fox News ran as a way of ginning up racial hatred and resentment among its white audience.

In other words, they fully succeeded. They should be so proud.

And is it just me, or does this guy actually sound a lot like Breitbart himself? Hmmmmmmm

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